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American Idol Top 36 – Part 3

Kristen McNamara was talking about the difficulty in finding an image for herself, but really it was Nathaniel Marshall who needs to work out what his image he wishes to project.

His camp rendition of Meatloaf  I Would Do Anything For Love was hilarious in a bad way. This kid has the metal in the mouth and tatts all over himself but he comes across as a camp meek boy.  WRONG SONG CHOICE. Paula Abdul got it right when she said “It was a Boy George version”.

If your going to do camp, go over the top like Norman Gentle. Fingers crossed Norman will be back for the wildcard round with Tatiana.

It was a funny episode tonight Felicia Pearson the girl who stepped in after Joanne Pacitti was given the flick was one of the stronger singers. There were a lot of missed notes and bad songs. What was with all the Elton John and Abba songs? Some of them were not even born when these songs were released.

The best singer of the night was Lil Rounds singing a Mary J Bilge number. I have no idea who will be the  other two to go through. The blind singer Scott was ok but his song choice of the Bruce Honsby numbre was boring.


1 bella vita { 03.06.09 at 3:14 pm }

Scott the blind guy…and lets be honest..he will go through the rest of his life now as “the blind guy from idol” he is so boring. If he wasnt blind, there is no hope he would have made the 36 in the first place. No style, boring voice and no personality

2 Tina { 03.14.09 at 12:19 am }

please get rid of the new judge and that stupid Paula, she thinks having one more judge takes up to much time ,,,,,,, how about when she talks we all sit here and thank God we can forward through her drunk talk….. she doest know what she is saying so how the heck the people gonna know what she is saying,,,,,,, get rid of her