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Farmer Wants A Wife – Three to Two

Tonight each of the farmers had to eliminate one of the girls or guys they had bought back to the farm. The episode had a lot of people sitting on logs, driving tractors, and doing strange things to animals

Farmer Tim’s three girls on the farm were Ryley, Katherine and Tamara.

Katherine was looking like she was going to be eliminated but a sucessful yabby hunting date may have saved her. However even dealing with a dead bunny did not help and she was eliminated.

Farmer Ralph’s three girls were Siri, Meran, and Courtney

Courtney was panicking that she was at a disadvantage because she was a city girl. However her top notch flirting skills saved her.

The girl to go was Meran he told her he has decided to “move on in another direction.” She took it with dignity, but she was upset.

Farmer Paul’s three girls were Norena, Bridie, and Berenice.

He planted a kiss on Norena last week so it would be either Bridie or Berenice to go.  Due to Channel 9 running the show over my recording cut off before the show had finished. So if anyone can enlighten me on who Paul eliminated I would appreciate it.

Farmer Andrew’s  three girls were Ashley, Maree, and Jessica.

Andrew may be the youngest farmer but he is also the most boring farmer. Jessica was having a meltdown before the elimination as she was worried she was going home.

Single mum Maree was eliminated. He said he would not be ready to take the next step. Which I interpreted as meaning I don’t want to be a stepdad. Maree wouldn’t let Jessica console her. Clearly tensions between the three girls.

Farmer Damian’s girls were Stacey, Allana, and Rachael.

Rachael was Damian’s favourite girl. Allana took the decision making out of his hands and said she wanted to go as she was not feeling it.

Farmer Jenny’s three guys were Andrew, Owen, and Stepehn

Jenny gave a warning to the guy that he was going to go off camera, as she did not want to put him on the spot. The guy to go home was Stephen. It was obvious it was Stephen as he sat with his arms crossed the whole way through the elimination scene.

Anyway if you are watching the show and think you want to partner up with a farmer the next season’s farmers are now up on the website here.


1 onadrought { 03.05.09 at 8:37 am }

Berenice got the boot.

I think the tears from all the girls are a bit pathetic. How long have they known these guys? Desperados.

Jenny’s guys are not that great. Andrew is slimey.

2 Reality Raver { 03.05.09 at 8:46 pm }

Agree re: Jenny’s guys. Andrew too cocky, and Owen too stalky.
Actually really nice farmers this season. Ralph, Tim, and Damien all cute and nice.