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SYTYCDA – Emmanuel Says What I Have Always Thought About Bonnie


Emmanuel in his elimination interview with Who Magazine confirmed what I always thought about judge Bonnie Lythgoe –  she is irrelevant.

 He said “..When people talk to me and it’s boring or negative, I switch off. Sometimes I switched off on Bonnie’s comments! I love her but at the same time I don’t know what she’s saying to me. She’s just too nice, and then when you get to Jason, I always listen because he’ll tell me what I need to do to improve. Bonnie’s like, “I love you,” and I’m like, “Oh cool, I love you too!”

He also admitted his partnership with Talia was difficult.

“It was very difficult, because she’s a ballerina and everything has to be prefect. It’s just how she was taught. She’s a perfectionist. It was hard for her to work with me because I was slow. I’d tell her I always get it on the day, but she needed to see me get it straight away. Once she starts opening up her personality, Australia will start to love her, but at the moment she needs to chill out and be herself. She’s a cool chick but that’s how ballerinas are!”

Full interview with Emmanuel and Chanelle here.


1 Anonymous { 03.06.09 at 1:01 pm }

I don’t get what Emmanuel’s problem is, is he suggesting that Talia is fake and not herself? A friend of mine went to the school with her and he says that how you see Talia on tv is how she is in real life – sweet, slightly cheeky, endearing etc. I think she opens up a lot in her blogs and interviews…

Totally agree with his comments on Bonnie. I don’t even listen to Bonnie anymore, I mute the tv as soon as Natalie says Bonnie’s name.

2 bella vita { 03.06.09 at 3:18 pm }

Bonnie is the puff judge aka Marcia Hines.

Jason is only judge worth listening to, Matt has no opinions himself..rides off the back of Jason.
After all…Bonnie is really a noone in the industry, whereas Jason can actually book these dancers for jobs, and has done so for many years.
In other news…so over people campaigning for Natalie to get nominated for a Gold Logie…she is another fake talentless piece of work who slept her way to the top

3 Injera { 03.06.09 at 5:33 pm }

Bella Vita, if I didn’t think the Logies had been devalued beyond calculation already, I’d be really pissed off at the idea of Nat Bass getting the gold, too (although Jeannie Little won it way back in the 70s – god knows what that was about…).

As for “slept her way to the top”… spill, please!

4 Reality Raver { 03.06.09 at 8:36 pm }

Anon: Talia and Emmanuel are just chalk and cheese. He probably did not GET her, and she probably did not GET him. She was lucky to survive the partnership, without being collateral damage, unlike Stephen.

Bella Vita – Love the gossip.

Injera – I tend to agree with you re: the Logies, I don’t think I have watched it in the last 10 years. Have they stopped importing D grade international celebs?