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Will Tatiana Become Paula Abdul’s New Stalker

Tatiana Del Toro has now finally been eliminated from American Idol. Her last act of nuttiness was to kneel in front of Paula and declare her love. Beware Paula this may not be the last you see of her.

I kind off got the feeling they knew who they were going to put through, apart of debating whether Jesse or Jasmine should go to the finals. Jasmine did. Also the producers for the first tiem in American Idol decided to have 13 finalists instead of the usual 12. The final four into the top 13 were, Meagan Corkery, Jasmine, Matt Giraude and Anoop Desai.

They did not say whether it will be a double elimination in the first final.


1 Injera { 03.06.09 at 11:46 pm }

Agreed on Tatiana’s audition as Paula’s next stalker. I think it was a joke too far to bring that box of crazy back for the wild card round, although she did put the “wild” into “wild card” with her drama. Maybe she’ll guest on United States of Tara, in which I hear Toni Collette is doing a great job!

Yay! Anoop!

2 Reality Raver { 03.08.09 at 7:47 am }

I still don’t get if it an act or if she is truly nuts