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So You Think You Can Dance – Should Pania Have Been Eliminated?

Wow poor Pania, barely put a foot wrong and then does a sub par performance and gets tossed. I thought Lamb was much weaker in tonight’s dance for your life. She is not as strong at hip hop and I thought Pania was stronger outside her genre than Lamb. Apparently the decision was unanimous for the girls.

I was not surprised Damien got the flick as his technique even in ballroom has been sub par. But Ben has got to learn to trick it up a bit in his dance for your life dances. I enjoyed it but I knew it would attract the same criticism that his audition piece did – too subtle. The decision was not unanimous.

Cannot wait to see Amy dance with Ben they may give the now powerhouse couple Loredo and Talia a run for their money.

Just an aside what ever happened to Macy Grey, I was a big fan but the male with her did more of the singing then she did.

Also apologies for the poll, my blog is having an episode. I have deleted it and added a new poll the usual “Who Do You Think Should Have Been Eliminated” and it is not reading it. I will try and fix it, but computers and me do not mix.


1 Anonymous { 03.09.09 at 10:12 pm }

Eh, I reckon Talia and Loredo have way more charisma/talent than Amy and Ben. How well they are received depends on what choreography they receive. Now that the two routines each thing happens next week, it will be even more absurd if Talia and Loredo don’t get Contemporary/Lyrical.

Am I alone in not liking Amy that much? Not impressed with her solo tonight. She’s like cookie-cutter Contemporary to me. She gets compared to Kate a lot, but I think Kate was more fabulous – a true chameleon for all styles.

I’m pissed off that Pania was eliminated. Totally bogus. She was sacrificed so the judges could give their precious favourite dancer a stronger partner. Totally lame.

2 notmensa { 03.09.09 at 10:22 pm }

The judges did say that they were disappointed with the DFYL solos that didn’t show anything new. Guess it would’ve been hypocritical for them to get rid of Pania & Ben who had taken that on board. (Not that it’s stopped them before.) And dammit, until Dubbo stops voting en masse for Charlie we’ll keep seeing Hot Mess Penny (HMP?).

On the upside, the delightful Amy is now paired with the understated Ben.

I didn’t watch Macy, I was trying to see the pole dancers who were dudded out of a feature show. How do they do that?!

3 Reality Raver { 03.09.09 at 10:23 pm }

Agree when I saw the bottom three couples I thought easy Lamb and Damien. But was shocked about Pania. They did not really give a reason, apart from Lamb showing versatility even if she was ordinary. Whoops I forgot to mention the prize of the winner dancing on the US SYTYCD show. What an opportunity.

4 Reality Raver { 03.09.09 at 10:34 pm }

Notmensa – Agree re: Penny I don’t know why the judges keep on giving her the love. I will be interesting to see what happens to her once it is a voting free for all in the top 10. Methinks she will be gone.
Charlie is very popular and appears to be very nice. Reminds me a bit of Jack. Will we have a similar winner this year? I hope not.
The pole dancer moves were interesting. If you live in Sydney I think their is a pole dancing school in Stanmore. Personally I think I would fall and hit my head.

5 katef { 03.11.09 at 10:36 pm }

Penny drives me bonkers… something about her really annoys me.. though I don’t mind her when she is dancing. Was a bit surprised that they picked Pania over Lamb… not sure that was the right decision.