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American Idol – Top 13

Simon Cowell said what I had always thought when he said to Scott McIntyre “It is fine being artistic but not on this show.”. My question is how can you be artistic with a Michael Jackson song whether you are on Idol or not?

Tonight’s show highlighted the cultural differences between US and Australia. Americans just love that middle of the road stuff.  Jorge Nunez dreadful version of I Never Can Say Goodbye is a prime example of this.

Paula Abdul tonight was dressed like a modernised version of Wilma Flinstone. It looks like she has done something done to her face, like a peel or maybe botox? Anyway it looked a bit artificial. The other disturbing thing is I like some of the Paula Abdul jewellry line tonight.

Lil Rounds The Way You Make Me Feel

She did not “knock me off my feet”. I thought it was a very middle of the road version something you would or have seen on the Morning Show with Bert Newtown. The judges however loved it. Simon did criticise her outfit. And said after Ryan Seacrest asked Simon what she should wear said “Give me 5 mins with Lil and I will sort her out.”. I think Simon it is time to get a new girlfriend.

Scott MacIntyre

He looks so much more comfortable when he is on the piano, and that made me feel so much more comfortable watching him. He is definately talented, but is he the American Idol? I suspect that by the middle of the season people will be bored by him. Prediction his brother who guides him on to the stage will gain a cult following by the end of the season.

Danny Gokey

I am just not buying into the cult of Danny – not that he needs a following as it appears he already has one looking at size of his family. He did do a good performance, and he is musical but he just does not scream star to me.

Michael SarverYour Not Alone

Ok I hope he is voted off this was dreadful. Simon said he was not the best singer in the comp but makes up with it with heart”, Randy thought he was one of the best singers of the night. Clearly I am not taking what they are taking. Yawn inducing.

Jasmine MurrayI’ll Be There

I had been underwhelmed by Jasmine so far, but tonight I thought she definately has potential, she looked stunning, and her voice had the most “light and shade” then a lot of the singers. If she can improve she could stay in the competition for awhile.

Kris AllenRemember the Time

This guy would have the teen girl vote wrapped up if he was NOT married. He should have kept that little fact hidden. Something that Simon Cowell also said. His performance was helped by playing the guitar it helped to macho him up. He did a funk version, his vocals were a bit off towards the end of the show. Average.

Alison Irehata – Give It To Me

My partner who is only an occasional viewer of this show said Alison will sing a Heart song next week. I dutifully informed she had already sung  one. I really really like her voice, it is interesting and grainy. I hope she stays in for  awhile . Randy Jackson said  he “Thinks she is the one to watch.”

Anoop DesaiBeat It

I not sure if i meant find his routine amusing, but I laughed most the way through it. Not in a mean way, I was just finding his performance OTT amusing. He has a huge likeability factor. However by the end of the show I realised how bad his rendition was.

Paula thought it sounded like  karoke. Simon thought it was horrible and thought it looked a bit stupid, a really bad impersonation. Kara felt disconnected from him.

Jorge Nunez Never Can Say Goodbye

I did not know this 70’s disco classic was a Jackson Five song. Well I hated the arrangement something Simon Cowell agreed with. If this is the type of thing he is going to sing each week, vote him off now.

Megan CorkeryRocking Robin

You either are going to like the song or hate it I was the former it was cute song to pick especially as she would have had trouble with other Michael Jackson songs. But I would have loved to have known the connection this song has to the Jackson’s. Simon thought the song choice was ridiculous. While the other judges liked it.


Adam LambertBlack and White

Definately the best performer in the competition. Now this guy would have had the teen votes except for all the gay photos all over the internet. Let’s hope the red neck America not voting for him will not get him kicked out.

Matt GiraudHuman Nature

Now this guy should have the teen vote sewn up unmarried and apparently straight. He looks and sounds better playing the piano..It was ok , but there was no wow factor

Alexis GraceDirty Diana

She looked fantastic in that little short jumpsuit. and the jewellry and I thought Simon was a bit harsh when he said “You were not as good as you think you are.”

It is a double elimination tomorrow night and I think Anoop amd Michael Sarver will be eliminated.


1 Injera { 03.13.09 at 12:31 pm }

Great recap. Have just finished part one of my Idol viewing marathon today.

I had to watch the judges’ “walk-on”- over and over just to figure out Paula’s gait – she walks like a circus pony. During the judging, Kara’s posture was so awful it kept distracting me from Paula’s eye makeup. Paula’s face did look different when I was able to focus on it but I can’t quite figure out why. She was completely doolally tonight…

Lil – you said it: coming to a morning show near you. She can do a double act with Kate D’whatevs on P&O.
Scott – I’ve been worried that he’s “critic proof”- so I was glad for Randy and Simon.
Danny – agree totally here. My only thought during the whole thing was “why?”-: for the song, for Paula’s over-emotional reaction, for Simon’s “brilliant”- (although… that adjective was downgraded by the comparison with Michael McDonald. Ha!) and for Kara’s “joy”-.
Michael – I hate it when contestants sit on the edge of the stage. I can’t believe the variety of ways a one-syllable word can be pronounced: yew, yeo, ye-hoo, yao… This was way off key. He’s no Luke, that’s for sure.
Jasmine – meh.
Kris – knew as soon as I saw him that the guitar would be totally arbitrary. As soon as Randy said “Jason Mraz”- I knew exactly why I’d been so bored.
Alison – yeah, I think she’s got the goods, as long as she doesn’t “Heart”- everything! (You know you’re putting your foot in it if Paula starts hinting to “zip it”-.)
Anoop! – I’m totally unobjective on Anoop and I don’t know why. Which is why it broke my heart to fast-forward…
Jorge – It’s easy, Jorge, and hopefully you’ll hear it from the American voters. Buh-bye!
Megan – Nice story, sweet girl, wonder when she’ll regret the tatts. You’re right – perfect song for her. Here’s MJ’s version, back when he was adorable:
Adam – Yeah, he needs to stay in the comp. Such a good contrast to all the other bland-looking guys. D’you think many rednecks vote? His voice was on-note, but he needs to dial back the enunciation.
Matt – bland, inoffensive.
Alexis – Yeah, she can stay.

2 Reality Raver { 03.14.09 at 8:50 pm }

Thanks for your indepth response. There is a few that could go and I would not care.