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Ladette To Lady – The Masked Ball

Well the Ladette To Lady producers procured a Prince for the masked ball. He is obviously an impoverished one ,as why else would be appear on the show.  Like our own Australian royalty, Prince Lorenzo, expect to see him serving chicken or beef on a Qantas flight soon.

The main sub-plot of the show was Skye burgeoning romance with rugby player and trainee doctor Lueane. I kind of got the feeling she was taking seriously what was being poked at her in fun. More information on this romance is here.

Sarah Brunton seemed to rebel all week, first by not wearing the posture brace, and then spending the night hanging out with the boys. What sort of mischief did she get up to? Anyway she dug her own grave by not helping the other girls with the breakfast for the boys after their sleepover and she was eliminated.

The last episode is next week Nicole, Kristen and Skye will be the ones making their “debut”.