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Ladette To Lady – The Graduation

I have to confess I teared up when it was announced that Nicole had won the first season of Ladette To Lady. It was obvious she was going to as her story was the best from foster child to lady.

Who cares if it was rigged it was lovely for her to obtain this achievement as she really wanted it.

On the round table discussion most of the judges thought Skye Laris had done a good job but they thought she was acting. This could be true as she is currently on the cover of Zoo magazine in her underwear. Hardly lady like behaviour.

Apparently Nicole wants to study horticulture now. We will find out what the others are up to in a reunion special to be screened next week.

I thought it was a bit weird the aussie families were dressed very casually for such an auspicious occasion, they looked exceedingly out of place.

Anyway the TV Week reveals the lady like behaviour stopped once the ceremony finished.

Skye wanted to get drunk once the ceremony was over. Nicole apparently did an impromptu strip on the bus on the way to where they were staying. Also she had to excuse herself half way through dinner to go to bed as she had too much to  drink.

Sky had better legs and stayed up with her beau leuan and her dad.