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American Idol – Country Night

Now I know country is HUUUUGGGGEEEE in the US, but a whole two hours of country music is the equivalent of watching paint dry.

The show did not get off to a good start for me as the mentor was Randy Travis who I had never heard of. Why don’t they get Chris Isaak he rocked as  mentor for Australian Idol. Randy looks a bit like an older but blander version of Chris.

The new thing of making the judges walk out on stage is hilarious. Simon Cowell does not look comfortable doing it. Also is Randy’s new phrase for the season “that’s dope”.

I am so uninspired I am not even going to bother to critique them  properly and anyway news is American Idol is rigged this year (Dlisted has the full story)

Michael Sarver – Boring.

Alison Irehata – Rocked she is my current favourite in the competition. Simon called her precocious.

Kris Allen – Bland but audience loved him.

Lil Rounds – I reckon she would sound the same no matter what genre she sings. The judges were slightly critical.

Adam Lambert –  Ok he sang Ring of Fire – I am not going to go there with the joke. But I will say it was the campest version I have ever seen of this classic. Imagine Dead and Alive mixed with Jimmy Sommerville. Watch it below and see what you think. It is entertaining.

Scott McIntyre -I get the feeling he is going to be the same each week. I am getting bored.

Alexsis Grace – She did a nice job with the Dolly Parton classic Joelene.

Danny Gokey – they reckon he is the front runner to win this year, he does not do it for me. But he does have a good voice. Paula just gushes over him.

Anoop Desai – Improved greatly over last weeks Michael Jackson’s debacle. Simon said “Glad to have you back.”

Megan Corkery – Her wiggle her tits type of dancing is starting to annoy me. She did a nice job, however if she does not improve in the next few weeks she will be eliminated. Apparently she was very ill and had been to hospital and had not been able to do the run through.

Matt Giraud – Boring it was like take two of Scott McIntyre. However judges were gushing.

I have no idea who will be eliminated – maybe Michael Sarver.


1 Injera { 03.19.09 at 5:04 pm }

Makes me long for a return of Australian Idol – I just can’t get invested in any of these contestants. Adam Lambert’s performance was ridiculous. I remember a couple of seasons ago, Constantine was criticised a lot for being too “musical theatre”; he looks like a rock pioneer compared to Lambert. I’m almost getting to the “call me when it’s done” point…

2 Reality Raver { 03.19.09 at 10:46 pm }

Even worse now that Alexis Grace has been eliminated. Next week Motown. At least if you record you can fast forward. I must say Adam Lambert is a reason to watch it. He does some crazy shit.

3 RRr { 03.20.09 at 12:50 am }

While I am not a fan of heavy-breathing/semi-moaning in singing, I thought Adam’s vocal was incredible and mesmerizing. His performance may not be AI ‘suitable’ but he deserves kudos for doing what he wants (Indulgent? Sure! Why not?) instead of playing it safe. (With his vocal ability, I have no doubt that he could have delivered the song in a more ‘traditional’ manner.)

I don’t listen to country music. Michael’s country song felt like 5 minutes long to me…it just went on and on and on. Adam’s performance felt like 30s. I enjoyed Kris’ too, but I think of Adele not country when I hear that song.