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Farmer Wants A Wife – It Is Hotting Up?

Courtney, one of Ralph’s girls, revealed to camera that she has been secretly spending time with the polo playing farmer behind closed doors. Ralph revealed “Well you have to see what they are like?”. He was obviously taking his mantra literally.

Paul has found true love with Nerena, which the producers must be loving. Paul is now introducing his son to her so expect this pair to be starring on the Dairy Farmer ads next season.

Jenny has both of her guys Owen and Andrew wanting her. Currently she is favouring Owen, but really he appears to be as thick as two bricks. Andrew just seems slightly brighter, also  a bit sparkier, but then again he is an explosive manufacturer.

Tim is in a quandry about his two girls Ryley the bubbly dance instructor from Cairns, and the other girl who is from the country and a physio. I said to my partner “If he was 36 he would pick the latter, but since he is 26 he will pick Ryley.” Five minutes later bingo, he had declared his feelings for Ryley. This romance will last about 2 weeks after the camera’s stop rolling.

Damien when he is not giving cows ultrasounds appears to be favouring Rachel over Stacey, but he is not really showing much emotion to either of them.  He took them away to Cradle Mountain and they were staying in a cabin together. It looked intensely uncomfortable, and with all the tea lights it looked like he could have angling for a menage a trois.

Andrew was having to deal with drama queen Ashley, and his he favouring her over them much more likeable and suitable Jess?

The editing is good, as they still have us thinking a couple of other romances will occur on the show. I suspect the only other one will be Jenny and Owen, the rest will peter out.


1 Alicia { 03.22.09 at 9:44 pm }

Can’t believe that Tim picked Ryley… thinks it will not take him long to be sick of her just being her!! I know that Tamara is more “serious” than Ryley but at least she’s practical and isn’t that what you need on a farm!!
I am with you on Damien…man he is one cold fish…..I thought the show was named Farmer WANTS a wife……you would never know it from his efforts at getting to know his women!!!
I think that it was piss poor that they told Bridie she was getting the boot at the family dinner….with everyone still there!! I guess that’s showbiz….but I thought it was weak…..telling her the morning after woudn’t have killed anyone. I like Nareenah.
Jenny and her boys…..well…..Owen is still psycho material in my mind and I am just not sure about Andrew…not stalker but annoying possibly…..still not sure but for a pretty girl with alot of land she has some slim choices in front of her!!! I am wondering if there is going to be a punch-up before the end of the series!!! Now THAT would be show-biz!!!!
The other guy…um…Andrew…just pick Jess for god’s sake….she’s just SO likeable…the other one….well….let’s see but I think that Jess is sweet and they’d be a good match.

2 Reality Raver { 03.22.09 at 10:58 pm }

Jenny comes across as a bit thick, but I am sure she isn’t. Maybe she is just super clucky and wants some sperm. But Owen is psyhco AND boring.

I think Tim is having a finally got a pretty girl moment with Ryley. Ever since the beginning of the show he said girls like that never went for him.

Agree with you re: Andrew and Jess she is a sweetie.