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More Gossip From Behind The Scenes On SYTYCDA

As a follow on from my previous article on SYTYCDA Are There Romances A Going On.

The TV Week have produced even more “quality” gossip” about the affairs of the heart that the dancers are currently embroiled in. I note TV Week will only write about hetero relationships…

Here is the goss:

Kat’s Love Triangle:

It is rumoured after breaking up with BJ, she is now seeing Home and Away star Lincoln Lewis. Kat’s room-mate Amy claims there is no romance going on with Lincoln. “They’ve been friends for ages,” Amy says of the pair, who met when Kat guest starred on the soap a year ago. “He’ll come over and we’ll all watch movies and stuff. He’s great – and a cute friend to have, for sure!”

Oh Amy what 21 year old boy hangs out with cute girls just to be friends??? Anyway I spoke to my spy on the Home and Away set who was disguised as a latte’. They said Lincoln has been talking about the dancers on SYTYCD and how gorgy the girls are. However Lincoln to quote my mole has his “poke in many fires.”

Ok back to the story….

Meanwhile, Kat and BJ – who dated for 18 months before calling it quits just weeks before auditions – insist the split was both mutual and amicable. “We broke up because we both really needed to focus on our careers and weren’t able to at the time,” BJ explains. “We were so young, but because we were friends before we started dating, we still have that friendship there, ” Kat says. And as for getting backd together in the future? “In a couple of years or so, you never know,” BJ admits, “But, right now, I’d have to say it won’t happen.”

Penny’s Finance Woes:

Wrapped up in the competition, Penny committed the ultimate partner sin – forgetting her fiance Marc’s birthday! “We’ve been together for five years. IT was his brithday two days ago and I’ve only just realised, ” Penny confesses.  “But that’s how hard we’ve been working  – we just forget what day it is.” While she admits slipping up, Penny claims she’s not to blame. “I was kind of mad at him, ” She laughs. ” I texted him, saying, ‘How come you didn’t say anything? IT’s your fault!’ He might have been upset, but we’ve been really busy!”

Ben’s Secret Girlfriend:

The popular finalist says he’s ‘deeply’ in love with his girlfriend of 18 months. “Her name is Zoe,” he smiles. “She’s been a great support to me throughout the competition and is my everything. I love her deeply and am so grateful to have someone like her in my life.” Ben met Zoe on the Gold Coast through work – and now that she’s returned to her home town of Sydney, he wants to live closer to her. “She’s been to every show and has pretty much made all the Ben signs in the audience,” he laughs.  “We’ve got tighter and tighter.”

Tim’s older Woman:
There were dating rumours surrounding Timomatic and Lamb, b ut the 21 year old only has eyes for one woman – his 24 year old girlfriend , Ivette. “We’ve been together on and off for four years, ever since I was 17,” he says. “We met at church – she was the drummer in the church band and I was singing. How cute is that? I took her to my Year 12 formal as our first date. It’s a bit sad looking back at it now, but that’s how it went down!”

Is The Girl Feud Still Raging:

After eliminated contestant Chanelle spilled that tension existed between the female finalists, all eyes have been on the SYTYCDA ladies to check for signs of any friction. But while the dancers admit there were some tough times, they all agree those days are long gone. “There was a bit of tension at the start, but everybody seems to be pretty good now,” BJ reveals of the atmosphere backstage. Talia agrees that relationships have improved. ” At the moment, all the girls are getting along really well,” she says. ” We’re all on such a professional level that we’re just worried about our own performances.”

Racism At Work:

Early on in the comp, Jamaican- born Loredo worried that he was failing to find fans in teh SYTYCCDA audience. “I didn’t start this competition on a high and I didn’t feel that I’d had the chance to connect to the Australian public,” he admits. “Maybe I just wasn’t shown enough to let the public relate to me and understand me. I have some fear, to be honest, that because I’m not Australian-born, maybe that will affect the way people vote.” Since teaming up with Talia and winning the “I’m loving it” moment two weeks in a row, however, Loredo has since noticed a big shift. “Since getting together, it’s been a mind-blowing thing,” he raves. “I’ve been so excited from start to finish.”

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Poor Loredo; he was right the first time. Dammit.