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Farmer Wants A Wife – Final Episode – Who Has Found Love?

In this episode things started heated up. This is the second last episode. Next week there is a super special 2 hour episode where they show who will the Farmer’s have picked, and then a reunion one month on.

We know Paul and Nerena are in luuuurrrve so to keep their story going, they introduced Paul’s 13 year old son into the mix. He is going to be a cutie when he grows up. I found it surprising that Nerena kissed him when he arrived on the farm. How to make a 13 year old hormonal boy uncomfortable have a girl kiss you.

Ralph’s body is hot, was that a six pack I saw??? He was getting it on with both the girls tricky bugger. So one is going to be really pissed off if they are not picked.

Ralph and Courtney have been secretly romancing and Courtney thinks that they cannot keep their hands off each other.

Andrew the youngest farmer reveals that he is emotionally attached to both of his girls. Ashley is a drama queen and was going to be too high maintenence so hopefully he will pick Jess.

Oh Tim what have you done. You think you have finally got the pretty blonde girl in Ryley, but seriously do you really think it is going last?  Poor Tamara likes him but he gave her I just want to be friends with you talk (we’ve all had and given those). Tamara gathers her dignity and goes home.

Tim does the romantic dinner, Ryley does not look in love. I think she thinks she just wanted to win. Their first kiss was so not passionate.

I really like Damien so let’s hope he makes the right choice. Rachel is confident it his her.

Owen has a hairy back, but I don’t think that will even stop Jenny from picking Owen who I think will be turn psycho dude in the future. Andrew grew on me over the weeks and he seemed pretty nice in the end.

Your thoughts on who the Farmer’s should pick?


1 farmerfan { 03.26.09 at 1:38 pm }

All power to Tamara. A classy exit. Her question to Tim was telling when she asked if he really thought Ryley was going to live out here on the farm! No way!

Ralph is a player and at least he admits it. I think Courtney is manipulative. I hope he picks the horse trainer who seems to really like him.

Damien is my favourite. And what a beautiful property in Tassie. Let’s hope he picks Rachel – seems pretty sure I reckon.

Otherwise Jenny and Owen seem to be suited. Paul and Nerena should just shack up together so we don’t have to keep watching them.

I think Andrew will pick Jess. His Mum will like her.

2 Anonymous { 03.26.09 at 3:43 pm }

I missed last night’s episode but I knew you’d have it covered. I laughed so hard at your summary. Men are blind, and Owen will definitely turn into a psycho. Andrew creeped me out, he has a yucky grin – Jenny is way too cool for both of them

3 Reality Raver { 03.26.09 at 9:51 pm }

Anon – I must change the title, when I started the post I thought it was the last episode.

Farmerfan – I think your assessment is correct particularly on Ryley and Tim.

4 lynn { 03.27.09 at 6:11 pm }

I love jenny so much. She looked so lovely when she dressed up for dinner with Owen!

5 Alicia { 03.29.09 at 10:07 am }

My neighbour showed me the article on Jenny in the New Idea (I think?) and it says that she has written 2 books and she was an animator for Disney and she lectures 1.5days a week at a Uni in Sydney (??)!!! OMG…..I think that she’s adorable but I am not keen on either of her men…..I think that Andrew REALLY stuffed up when he said that he had a house available in the nearby town….she freaked out….but I think he is quite likeable. I guess the thing is that just becuase Jenny is going to pick Owen next week it doesn’t mean they are “contracted” to each other forever…..thank god!!!
Andrew is so annoying but I do hope that he picks Jess….he will. Ralph is such a player but you’re right he does admit it…..he will be brainless if he picks Courtney….she’s not half as practical on Ralph’s place as Siri is…..and Siri is more grounded than nauseatingly flirtacious (wrong spelling…sorry!!) Courtney…..she is over the top. I love Nareennah’s long hair but I don’t know how she can stand having it out so much…it must get in her way with her job!!!
Tim, Tim, Tim…………dear oh dear……Ryley is definately not “interested” in him as a husband……she just wants the advertising for her dance studio in Cairns……she is so young in so many ways…..Tamara was elegant in defeat and I love that she carried herself with dignity and did not let him get to her……ugh…..nightmare….not to worry.
Can’t wait till Wednesday and it is all over…’s embarrassing how addictive the show is!!!!!!!! till then…….

6 Anonymous { 04.05.09 at 3:55 am }

what a disappointment series 3 was, blonde bimbos hardly out of their teens, even a 33year old who showed no maturity whatsoever, young bucks who couldn’t think above their waist, the show has obviously run its course. a big thumbs down to channel 9.