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Prince Phillip Calls Simon Cowell A Sponger – Pot Calling Kettle Black

Simon Cowell Looking Hot

Simon Cowell Looking Hot

For once American Idol judge’s Simon Cowell witty repartee left him when Prince Phillip said to him after a variety concert ” So you sponge of him?” pointing to X-Factor winner Paul Potts.

Why Simon Cowell did not zing him with a come back like “Well at least I am not sponging off ALL the taxpayers of Britian?” I do not know.

On the evolutionary scale of tools Prince Phillip is certainly higher up food chain than Cowell. And really there will have been a greater outpouring of grief for reality TV star Jade Goodey than the Prince. At least her legacy has ensured women are now going to have pap smears to detect cervical cancer. What will his be?

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