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Farmer Wants A Wife Two Hour Final Episode

Ok here is my theory on why Paul was dumped by Nerena. This pair who looked like they were going to be the Chris and Kim of the series have split. Well actually Nerena dumped Paul a week before the reunion show.His version was she became more distant. “She busted my heart,” and “I’m absolutely gutted,” he said and he is still hoping to sort things out.

Ok my theory is that she did not like the way he was interacting with her three year old son. Either not interested in him or trying to take the daddy role on to soon. Anyway I hope they can get Nerena to talk as I think her side of the story would be interesting.

Anyone knew that once the camera’s stopped rolling that the dance girl from Cairns Ryley would stop being interested in Tim. Apparently after the city break she was meant to go for another visit to the farm, but surprise surprise he barely heard from her again. Points to Ryley for turning up to the reunion maybe trying one more time to pitch for a job as a VJ or cartoon presenter on Channel 9. On the couch she gave some bollocks about how hard a long distant relationship would be. But I think the issue Tim was having was not the fact she was not interested in him, but the way she treated him by not returning his phone calls. But the looks of it she did treat him like shit. 

However Tim I told you so,  you should have picked Tamara.

Ok Ralph is the hottest farmer of the series, but he is a player.  He admitted he only was attracted to Siri in the last couple days of the farmstay. Previous to this he had been hot and heavy with Courtney. But in the end he picked Siri. Courtney will be pissed considering she all but said on camera she was shagging him.

However this pair are serious she is moving to the farm. Ralph must be strong carrying Siri in on his shoulders.

Damien and Racheal (how clean was her kitchen there was nothing on the benchtops)  are my favourite couple from all three series. They are both lovely. I hope they make it. Yes Natalie he is a bit of all right.

Andrew picked nice girl Jess who seems like a quality chick. However there is no romance, and they are just going to be friends. They both seem pretty happy with that.

It was no surprise that Farmer Jenny picked Owen I am not a fan of him but maybe they are a perfect match as both are pretty inarticulate.  I reckon they will get married.

How come while the boys waiting for the Natalie’s  interrogation they get to drink beer, but the women are not given any alcoholic refreshments?


1 onadrought { 04.02.09 at 10:08 pm }

I reckon Owen would be a bad root.

And I reckon Ralph has got a bit of madonna/whore complex. Experienced a bit of this myself lately.

2 Anonymous { 04.03.09 at 10:53 am }

Why have you even thought about Owen in bed? Ewww!! You made me think about it too. Definately gross

3 Bar Ram You { 09.05.09 at 3:59 pm }

Just another totally scripted show…. paid cast…

I hardly think its worth getting concerned over