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American Idol – And Now There Were 8

What the fuck is wrong with America Alison Iraheta in the bottom three? She is the best female singer in the competition. Who is she not connecting with?

Unsurprisingly Megan Corkery was sent home. I was a bit sad considering there are so many other duds sitting on the couches. Yes Scott McIntyre and Lil Rounds I am looking at you.

Now I know Danny Gokey is a widower, but does anyone else  think he could be a candidate to be converted to the dark side of the force? Not that there is anything wrong with that. But in the US it seems like a big deal. Appparently people on forums saying don’t vote for Adam Lambert he is gay. How wrong is that?

Come out to Sydney Adam for next year’s Mardi Gras to perform. If he does I would definately buy a ticket to the party.

David Cook’s song was bland – middle of the road. Disappointing.


1 Injera { 04.02.09 at 10:33 pm }

Hmmm, Alison in bottom three. I’m going to have to watch again to see if Seacrest used the magic “bottom three” description – sometimes he plays little semantic games and has somebody up there who isn’t a bottom three vote getter… Hoping that’s the case with Alison – that girl’s awesome.

Wow – Simon was WAY harsh with the “save” call. Didn’t see that coming.

Scott had better be going home next. Dead. Weight. What’s with Randy “Scott just did his thing” Jackson? So, the official position must be Scott’s-thing-is-to-be-shit-so-we-can’t-cane-him-for-being-shit. Such bollocks.

Ha! Danny Darkside, there’s an option I hadn’t considered. I’ll be watching with a special interest next week.

Hate Lady BlahBlah.

2 Dolph Ziggler { 04.03.09 at 12:57 pm }

Dolph is looking forward to Scott donning a preppie scarf and singing “Sounds of Silence”.

3 bella vita { 04.03.09 at 6:33 pm }

Its time to go Scott thoughts about him have been clear before
If he wasnt blind, he wouldnt be there..plain and simple

4 Injera { 04.03.09 at 7:14 pm }

Dolph, I hope you have emailed that suggestion directly to the AI stylists. Although I just want to see it, not hear it…

5 RRr { 04.06.09 at 12:15 pm }

So late here…

I think Allison’s problem is that there is a disconnect between her voice and her age. She has an awesome ‘rocker’ voice but she is 16. The adult audiences probably appreciate her voice but can they identify with a 16 year old and buy her album later? The tweens/young teens probably care more about looks than vocal. Miley Cyrus has publicly mentioned that she is supporting Allison…so we will see if Miley’s fans will help out next week. But then I don’t really see a natural overlap of Miley’s fan base and Allison’s fan base.