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So You Think You Dance – The Top 6

Can someone sleep with Nigel Lythgoe so we can get Bonnie OFF the show? Tonight she was unbearable with her rabbiting on about what the routines storylines were. Are we a dumping ground for ex-wives of powerful producers?

Also can they give Natalie Bassingthwaite botox next year to stop her nose from wrinkling up when she is reading from the autocue?

Tonight was a big night for the dancers as they were starting to smell the money, and they were becoming a bit more uptight when they were listening to the judges comments. Again it was huge show and I don’t know how they rehearse it all in a few days.
All boys – Mantronix – King Of The Beats

Supple choreographed this cops and robbers routine where cleverly he designed it so the dancers were both the cops and the robbers. Considering Charlie is meant to be a hip hop specialist I thought Ben was the strongest dancer. Jason said it was time in the competition for comparisons, but someone obviously had not told this to Matt and Bonnie.

Jason Coleman basically told BJ he did not pop as hard as the other two.

Talia and BJ – Contemporary – Yellow – How How

Project Moda routine was fun, and reminded me how I used to love Yellow. BJ played goofy good. And Talia played off hand 50’s belle beautifully. Talia has not missed a beat since Emmanuel got the flick. 

Bonnie picked up a low catch in a lift and raised it with Talia, said she was fine with it and thought it was fun, then Jason Coleman said “Come on I saw your face at the end of the lift….” then he said “Be real, this is reality television tell the truth.” WTF. Is he the only person left in the world who really believes this?

Jason also bitched about Project Moda’s  routine saying there wasn’t enough dancing in it. He may have a point.

Charlie and Kat – Busta Rhymes – Arab Money

They got guest choreographers Tabitha and Napoleon from US SYTYCD  in what they called a “ghetto chic” routine. What were they trying to say with routine that arabs are crims? Personally I found the song and the choreography and costumes to be slightly racist.  Also got to be honest was not wowed by the choreography.

Jason Coleman gushed over Charlie and criticised Kat about poking her tongue out. Matt and Bonnie were just complimentary as usual.

Amy and Ben – Pase Doble – Jesus Christ Superstar – Overture

Jason Gilkison is the master, I expect to see him again on the US version of SYTYCD. The routine was amazing. Both dancers were great.

Has Bonnie been told by the producers that her role is to explain the story of the dancers to the audience. Jason Coleman said he had such a high expectations of the routine it left him a little flat. He thought the routine did not lift.

Talia and BJ – Lyrical hip hop – T.I. feat Justin Timberlake – Dead and Gone

Do NapTab do anything other than lyrical hip hop? Also does the camera man have a unhealthy obsession with Talia’s boobs? Anyway have seen enough of both. I just don’t think either of NapTabs routines tonight really hit it out of the ball park.

Bonnie thought it was top routine of the night. Is this something the overseas choreographers have in their contracts that they have to have their routines fawned over? Jason was just over the top routine, basically telling them it was the best routine of the series. Hold on Matt Lee did say it was the best routine of the series. It was cultural cringe at it worse. God what are they going to do if Mia Michaels choreographs a routine here? Canonise her? Not that that would be a negative thing.

Kat and Charlie – Tango – Daniel Bedingfield – Gotta Get Thru This

Kat playing sultry and Charlie playing hetero butch was going to be a big call. I loved the music and the choreography I just did not feel any passion between the pair, probably because the above mentioned issue.

Jason thought it was the best performance he had seen Kat give. When Jason was bollocking Kat for being off balance, Charlie ‘fessed up that this may have been his fault. Clever tactics to get the aw shucks isn’t he a nice guy votes.

Amy and Ben – Contemporary – Secondhand Seranade – Fall For You

Ame Delves routine was great. I still don’t see Amy winning the competition, and I suppose at this stage it is still anyones game to take out. Last year you knew it was a two horse race between Rhys and Jack Chambers and that Jack would probably take it out. But I do not have any idea at this stage who is the favourite. But  I am not connecting with Amy but considering she has half the  CFMEU voting for her she is shoo in for top four. And she probably does deserve to be there.

The Girls – Broadway Jazz – Wilkommen

Kelly Aykers had a me moment with a “it has to be clean, as it has my name on it” . Clearly Kelly was believing the hype the choreographers are the stars of the show as well.

I thought Talia nailed this routine, and outdanced the other two. I think Kat is going to struggle to make the top 4. Jason Coleman nit picked and then said that Talia won the routine.

Top four to be Talia, Amy, Ben and Charlie (as he has Dubbo voting for him).


1 notmensa { 04.05.09 at 11:29 pm }

Botox?! No, please, just no. Remember the first weeks of SYTYCD 1 where Natalie was completely unable to make a facial expression? There’s no way it was nerves. Her face was almost completely paralysed, and my money is on Botox.
But I digress. Back to the dancing!

2 Reality Raver { 04.05.09 at 11:39 pm }

not mensa – you are so right I forgot about that. The nose twitching has been out of control for the past two weeks.

3 KC { 04.06.09 at 12:04 am }

OH EM GEE I LOVED TALIA’S ROUTINES TONIGHT!!!!!!!!! I AM so biased about Dance now…I can’t criticise anyone else’s dances cause I don’t really concentrate…I only watch it for Talia’s dancing 😀 CAUSE SHE IS JUST SO GOOD! If anyone deserves to win SYTYCD this year its DEFINITELY Talia. I mean Amy’s good and all but man Talia just doesn’t fault AT ALL. After she got paired with Loredo she has NOT screwed up! OMG. I LOVE HER DANCING! She’s had ballet training for 15 years and she kicks EVERYONE’s buts in EVERY genre! I don’t like comparing but thinking about her versatility with Vannessa from last year who was also a ballet dancer…Man Talia is AWESOME!

But yea back to the routines 😀 I thought the Project Moda one was SO cute and SO funny 😀 I think BJ and Talia have the BEST characterisation (Amy and Ben come close) in the show cause man if they hadn’t been into character that routine like Jason said wouldn’t have been good. (But his comment about reality TV was lame. Cause everyone knows that stuff shown on TV is never 100% true. And what did he expect Talia to say? OMG BJ ALMOST DROPPED ME T______T I WAS SO SCARED That would be such a b*tchy thing to say. What she did say helped BJ and that’s what partners do, help each other. But its a personal thing :D) But because they were I LOVED THE ROUTINE! It was so entertaining 😀 But yea I was HEAPS scared the judges comments would put Talia in the bottom.

But then she and BJ danced the Hip Hop routine and I was like OMG THEY ARE SO AWESOME! The way that they OWNED IT! It was SO good! I mean the chereography was pretty good but I don’t think you can credit the awesomeness of the dance to NapTabs cause man it was Talia and BJ. They were acting it out as well as dancing it. JUST SO GOOD. OMG. But its still not my fave dance of the season. Nothing beats Talia and Loredo’s Jazz routine. Cause I got tingles in that and I haven’t gotten them for any other routine including this one. But it comes a close second for me 😀

Man I really hope Talia wins. She is the PERFECT representative for Australia in the American version of SYTYCD. Sorry I’m so spazzy…I was just SO excited and was SO itching to read your recap to see what you thought 😀 SO AWESOME 😀

4 KC { 04.06.09 at 12:09 am }

I didn’t want to end my post with something negative so I decided to write another post. OMG can we vote off judges? Cause I SO wanna vote off Bonnie. See Matt never really pissed me off that much in either season and Jason usually gives good comments and stuff so I like him but Bonnie’s good comments are like a needle in a haystack. She does give good ones…once in like every 10 dances? Every other time she just gushes, asks questions that I don’t think anyone really cares about and just is so useless as a judge! This is especially due to Emmanuel’s interview about how he zones out when she speaks. I don’t zone out but I do bang my head on the table cause its just so UGH. I really don’t like her as a judge. She’s such a nice person but judges are meant to judge! SHE DOESN’T! ARGH! I totally think Kelly Abbey would be a better judge.

And yea, I think that they do go over the top when American chereographers come to Aus. But I think Mia Michaels and Wade Robson would deserve their praise. 😀

And I wish we had Cat Deely No. 2 in Aus. Nat is so much better than last year but she just doesn’t have that motherly kind feel about her…

5 bella vita { 04.06.09 at 3:01 pm }

mmm…some interesting comments here

Firstly..Nat hasnt had botox..from a reliable source.

I thought the Tabitha and Napoleon routine was boring…they couldnt stop gushing..and why? I cant imagine the US version gushing over someone like Nacho Pop. Lol.

I agree that Jason G is just fantastic…he should be a permanent judge. Great chorry, great guy and highly respected and finally getting the recognition he deserves after all these years. Get rid of Bonnie and Matt. Bonnie always stars off with a comment like “wow, what can i say or Wow, you guys”. Bonnie needs to go home.
And Matt? Honestly who voted him best male new talent for the logies?

My pics for Top 4 are Amy, Talia, Ben and Charlie.

If Kat or BJ were to survive, I will strip naked and parade down the main street tomorrow morning.

Who i want to win: Amy
Who i think will win: Charlie or Talia

6 Anonymous { 04.06.09 at 4:46 pm }

so sick of amy getting her genre three weeks in a row, whilst talia gets a dodgy project moda jazz and two quicksteps in a row.

the judges praised nappytabs more than the dancers, wtf. what a load of bull. there has been WAY better choreography that they could be “indebted” to.

amy is so mediocre, she’s not a bad dancer, but she’s not stunning imo. i keep thinking back to her rock with amy solo. imagine that, being performed on the us show, representing australian dance. it would be embarrassing.