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American Idol – Scott McIntyre Is Eliminated.

Who were the two judges who wanted to save Scott McIntyre to keep him on American Idol. Sack them now. If they are going to use the judges save on mediocrity then the extra bit of power they have this season should be taken off them.

Scott the blind guy never reached any great heights on the show, and if he had not had a sight impairment probably would not have made it to the top 36. His middle of the road take on songs got very boring. However the judges continued to treat him with kid gloves and even Simon was not scathing of him, except for last night.

Idol is turning into a top tier of Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, and Danny Gokey. Only Matt Giraud, and Alison Irahae have the talent to bust this clique.

I doubt Scott will get a record contract, but as one of my readers, Dolph Ziggler said if he bones up on Sounds of Silence and he will have a career as an Art Garfunkel impersonater.



1 Injera { 04.09.09 at 11:33 pm }

Did you see Paula sobbing? The tears started to fall when Seacrest had Anoop and Scott up there – she totally gave away the verdict. All that tension being built up in vain… So, yes, sack Kara and Paula (although I would miss some of Paula’s wackier moments).

Actually, everybody looked uncomfortable during the elimination. I think it finally hit them that they had spent weeks pimping a mediocre singer and were now either going to completely lose credibility by saving him, or let him go without using the save thus showing up how false the praise had been. The 2/2 split was, I’ll wager, just some stagecraft to soften the blow.

2 Reality Raver { 04.10.09 at 12:21 am }

Totally agree with the stageness of it, they were never going to save him. In fact I would save none of those bottom three.

Did you notice Anoop snub Kris when his name was announce he was in the bottom. Kris reach out and Anoop brushed past him to hug Danny. Maybe I am just reading to much into it and trying to create some excitement in an otherwise dull episode.
By the way you are right about Kellie Pickler her singing was appalling I lasted 30 secs before I hit the FF button. My knowledge on American Idol contestants is poor as I thought she was black, so when she walked out I was surprised.

3 RRr { 04.10.09 at 11:41 am }

I don’t know if Kara and Paula were serious about the save, but I am glad that Simon mentioned that it is not just about Scott, it is about the other contestants too. Really, the save is only good for the strong contestants who end up in the bottom because the voters are too busy saving the rest. (This Tuesday, some Adam fans on the net were voting for Kris because Kris was dead last in the dial idol prediction. This is on top of the fact that Adam’s performance started after the hour so a lot of DVR users miss it completely. Did the show run over in Australia? Mind you, Kris didn’t even hit bottom three, that shows you how ‘accurate’ dial idol is!) To me, the ones worth saving are Adam, Allison, and Kris.

I lose a bit of respect for Scott every time he insists that he put on a good, solid performance on Tuesday in his post-exit interviews. With all his musical talent and classical training, there is NO way that he should believe that performance was GOOD and SOLID.

4 Reality Raver { 04.10.09 at 9:24 pm }

RRR – you are so right, particularly about how bad Scott’s performance was. I would have been interested to know if the overrun of time and people who recorded missing Adam’s performance effected his votes.

It is good the show apologised for this, in Oz show run over all the time both accidentally or deliberate and they never acknowledge how this stuffs up your recordings.

5 kate { 04.12.09 at 11:45 pm }

This is random but WHERE is Scott’s ‘REAL’ exit interview?!?!

I have been looking for it on the idol website every other day and it is not there…its just some chick’s rushed questions amidst post show distraction which she did for every other idol. The other idols went on to have a calm reflective closed studio sit down interview so WHERE is Scott’s? Doesn’t he get one? Maybe the reason everyone is being so hard on him for thinking his performance was “Good and solid” is because we can’t watch this mystery missing interview where he may have evolved thoughts on the outcome!!!

Maybe they just have yet to post it but it seems in past weeks they have been on top of this and they show up within a few days. I’m starting to get pretty impatient as you can tell!

Some side comments:
The reason Scott stayed on for so long is not, i believe, because he was blind. He is sooooo lovable in a really indescribable way !and when people get a favorite that sticks, it sticks. its called being a fan! It IS a show created for scutinizing every performance with the theory of the best singer ending up as the winner. some voters treat it as just that however some voters are the people i would call ‘fans’ and follow an artist through ups and downs regardless of performance. whether that is ‘right’ is up to the individual to decide.
I honestly think Scott is gifted as a musician and i voted for him most of the time because even though there may have been better performances, he was my favorite and by voting for him i could hopefully see him try again in following weeks.

If there is any bias there, it is justified, because when you think about it, its kinda the same as voting for some girl contestant just because shes hot or pretty!!!!
BTW even though Adam Lambert is clearly one of or THE best this season i know PLENTY of stupid 13 yr. old girls are voting for him just because they like his atrocious emo/gender-confused/my-dog-cut-my-hair/ laughable joe jonas is so hot/ ‘STYLE’ and i know this because even when they miss the show they vote for him! because they’re fans!

PS i know Scott’s hair is weird too! The trim was a huge improvement but i would like to see him go even shorter. and product the shit out of it for God’s sake.

6 RRr { 04.13.09 at 2:37 am }

kate, it seems like you only caught the first part o f the post-exit interview. Here is a link for the remaining parts.

I don’t think there is much argument on whether Scott is talented and whether he is a nice guy. Most, if not all, on-line comments are positive in that regard. I am not caught up with how/why a contestant end up on the show (If AI gives you an opportunity, it would be silly for a singer/musician/or heck even an unseasoned singer not to take it.), my take on Scott’s performance was based on his performance alone…and vocal’s a big part of that performance.