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Farmer Wants A Wife – Love Update

TV Week again gives us an update on what season three Farmer’s are up to:

Damien and Rachel Are Still Going Strong:

Since the finale was filmed, Rachael’s made regular trips to Damian’s property in Tasmania, while the Caveside farmer has also visited her in Melbourne a few times. “We’ve just taken it easy and it’s going really well,” Damien spills. “It’s still all good fun at the moment,” Rachael adds.

The 26 year old who works in her family’s business in Melbourne, says that while she’s currently “quite entrenched” in her job, she’s also prepared to move to Tasmania. “I think, certainly, somewhere in the future, it hsa to be a possibility – otherwise there’s no real point in us continuing to see each other.”

While not talking marriage and babies just yet, Damian  says the relationship definitely seems “a bit different than any ones in the past. I can definitely see a bit of a future there,” he says.

Ralph and Siri: Living Together:

Adelaide horse trainer Siri has been living at Ralph’s farem in WA for the past few months.” It’s just awesome. I love it,” she enthuses. “I call it home.” Ralph agrees that having Siri living with him is great. “She’s very switched on and motivated – and she keeps me honest, too!”

Recently, he told Siri for the first time that he loved her. “It’s a really big word for me, which I don’t use willy-nilly,” he admits. “So now it’s going gull-steam ahead.”

With one broken engagement behind him, Ralph’s not keen to rush into another one. But the couple have talked about having children on day. ” I definately know that he wants kids at some stage in future, ” Siri says, “and probably not 10 years down the track, but before then.”

Tim “I picked the wrong girl!”:
Having watched the series, Tim now wishes he hadn’t chosen Cairns dance instructor Ryley, but another girl he invited back to the farm – Sydney design student Katharine. “Looking at all the diary cams and other stuff she was saying to the camera I got to know her a bit better,” he says. She’s the one I should’ve picked.”

Tim says that although he stayed in contact with Ryley for a while, he has since stopped calling her. “I don’t see the point, really.”

Meanwhile Ryley says she still feels there’s something between her and Tim. “There may be unfinished business, but time will tell.”

She also reveals that she’s now seeing someone new – “just casually”- and has also started studying journalism. “It’s great to be back at uni, using my brain again,” she says.

Andrew: A New Career?

Since telling Jess he just wanted to be friends, Andrew has remained single. “I’m just going to sit back, take my time and see what happens,” the young farmer says. He’s planning to stay involved with community theatre – and, now that he’s had some TV experience, wouldn’t mind taking it further. “If there was a TV show and they wanted to pick me up and try to make me into an actor, I wouldn’t say no!” he laughs.

Andrew and Jess, who both live in SA, have caught up with each other a few times since the finale was filmed, but Jess doesn’t expect anything romantic will ever develop. “I think we’ll just remain friends,” she says. But she still holds out hope of marrying a farmer  one day. “We’ll see what happens, I guess.”

Jenny and Owen:

Jenny finished her relationship with Owen a week or two after the finale was filmed. “We were a bit too different,” she explains. “At this stage, I don’t want to waste time on anything that I don’t think is heading in the right direction,” Instead, the blonde farmer has thrown herself into work at the family property, having temporarily abandoned her search for a husband.

“Now I’m back chasing cows instead of boys!” she laughs. “I’ve done the ultimate thing you can do to find someone – now I’m going to sit back and hopefully something will come to me.”

For his part, Owen admits to “definitely genuine feelings”, yet notes that, “sometime love can’t conquer all.” But he’ll keep looking for love. “I’d love to find a nice girl to have a relationship with,” he says.

Paul: A New Romance?

Paul, who revealed his devasting split with Nerena in the season finale, currently isn’t speaking to the media. However TV says he is dating another women and is “head over heels”. Farmer Tim who has caught up with him said “He’s happier than he was on that last night at the Hunter Valley, anyway,” Tim says. “He seems pretty happy now and is just getting on with it.”

He has also lost “heaps of weigh”.

Nerena is declining  to give interviews but the rumour is she is back on with her ex-husband see previous post on why she dumped Paul here.


1 Olesya { 07.31.09 at 3:44 pm }

Thank you for all these updates!!! I missed the final, as we had to go overseas, it was good to catch up on the news! thank you for following up and keeping us posted!!!!

2 wendy { 08.05.09 at 12:37 pm }

i toatally love farmer wants a wife (just love the show)

3 kym { 07.30.10 at 5:13 pm }

I bet it’s good and fun at the moment, Damien, since the entire time you have been romancing an American while doing this series :)…a player you are at that.