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Matt Giraud Got The Judges Save – Why???



On American Idol last night the judges decided to use their new power and use the judges save to allow Matt Giraud to stay in the competition after he received the lowest amount of votes this week. What type of fuckery was that?

This season to add a bit of frission to proceedings, the judges were given one save a person who was going to be eliminated to give them another shot in the competition. However this ‘power’ is unable to be used past the top five.

So with only one week left to use it the judges decided to let Matt Giraud stay in the comp.

In my opinion America got the bottom three right this week with Anoop Desai, Lil Rounds and Matt being sent to the chairs. Matt has not lived up to the hype since he hit the top 12. I think he has done one good performance with the rest being dull and unmemorable.

So what this means is two people will be eliminated next week, and I will not be happy if this means Alison Iraheta is a casualty of this decision. Adam Lambert won’t be as you know he is going hit disco right into the stratosphere.

Also why were Paula Abdul and Kara DioGuardi acting like excitable 15 year olds when it was announced and then running up on stage to hug him. Only Simon Cowell showed decorum.

Here Paula Abdul talks about the judges save.

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1 Injera { 04.18.09 at 12:24 am }

Oh, you said it! Fuckery of the highest order.

Hopefully this has no impact whatsoever on next week’s voting, with Matt and Lil going home, showing this up for the pointless charade that it was.

As a reward for putting up with this crap, I hope we at least get Simon’s crits on all performances next week!