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Farmer Paul ‘Macca’ Has A Prizing Winning Cow.

No I am not talking about Nerena the woman who claimed his heart on the reality TV show Farmer Wants A Wife then discarded it when she went to get back with her ex-partner. I am talking about his prize winning Red Angus cow and calf he was showing at this year’s Easter Show.

However in an article in the Sunday Telegraph (cannot find soft copy of it) he revealed Nerena is single again and NOT with her ex.

She’s not with him anymore,” he said. “Then she had the hide to ring me back and ask if we can just be friends.

“She’s not a very nice person in my book. She busted my heart real badly.”

Mr MacDonald who is amazed by the support he received from fans of The Farmer Wants A Wife, said he was better off without Nerena.

“It takes a bit of trust from you when you’re hurt like that,” he said.

Paul currently has a new love in his life.

“Things couldn’t be better,” he said. “Hopefully, this girl might be the one.”

Paul said he had no desire to see Nerena again.

Good luck Paul, and I think you are winning the PR war in this scenario. I hope Nerena pops up in some weekly  mag soon to give her side of the story.