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Australia’s Next Top Model – The Girls Better Live Up To The Hype


Cassi Van Den Dungen

Cassi Van Den Dungen

With the media on the new season of Australia’s Next Top Model turning from a trickle into a tsunami, there are nearly daily tidbits of how bitchy the modelettes are. Now whether they are snippy because they need to eat more could be the reason for this sort of behaviour. But I suspect if you put a camera on any girl school this would be normal teenage girl behaviour. We lived through it and know how vicious it can get.

Anyway today’s modelette story is about Cassi Van Den Dugen and her being sent to anger management counselling. Apparently she dropped the F bomb during a fashion parade. Naomi Campbell would think this was standard behaviour.

At least she is not  pelting phones, though apparently a wall was punched.

Full story in the Daily Telegraph which outlines Cassi’s other misdemenours.

If these girls are not as bitchy, catty, whiny, or angry as we are currently being told, you will hear about it from me here.

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