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Masterchef – Brisbane and Perth Auditions

Tomorrow is the last night of auditions on Masterchef Australia, and that is probably a good thing, otherwise viewer audition fatigue could set in.

I know it is a reality tv show but in Perth when that 18 year old boy cut off the top of his finger did they really have to do a close up and then find the chopped off skin. Some of us were actually eating dinner.

He did cook a nice clam dish which impressed the judges and he did get through to Sydney. Eagle-eyed Make Me A Supermodel fans would have spotted third placed Courtney Chircop, you know the one who was on with Billy, greeting him when he came out with the white apron.

Tonight the auditions were set in Perth and Brisbane, and from the footage shown it would appear you had a better chance of getting through  if you were a good looking female see Sarah Merino the spanish and half american cook who made the gnocchi, or the lady from Tweed Heads who cooked the passionfruit mango crumble, and the young law student from Perth.

Or have a hard luck story like the labourer from Mission Beach, who had driven 1500 kms, and had a deceased partner. Even though he killed (both literally and metaphorically),  a magnificent piece of fish with strawberries they were always going to let him through.

Unfortunately they are not putting through much tottie for the female viewer. They had the opportunity to let through Zach whose sister got through with her tortellini. But maybe because he named his dish from some suburban chinese restaurant, his duck and gobble gobble sauce did not draw much praise from the judges.

One thing the judges do need to work on is some repartee between them, at the moment it is either being edited out or it is not happening.

Best dish- Bug and Sage Tortellini and Passionfruit mango apple crumble (because I love desserts)

Worst dish – Fish with strawberry and lime


1 Helen { 04.28.09 at 10:44 pm }

yeah, i want tottie!

2 Culinary Boner { 04.29.09 at 5:11 pm }

The producers were always going to give a winning apron to that labourer guy from Mission Beach despite what was clearly a crime against cooking, weren’t they. Strawberries and fish!!

FFS. Who would seriously want to eat this… In one of his earlier – and better – reality TV turns, Kitchen Nightmares UK, Gordon Ramsey justifiably gave a wannabe restaurant chef a total bollocking for serving strawberries with meat.

Is this a cooking show or a de facto social work experiment?

Maybe the judges should be made to eat the whole meal – and I mean chew and swallow the lot – before they are allowed to pass judgement. Their expressions alone would ensure that crap cooking does not get through and would make for some fairly entertaining TV.

3 Injera { 04.29.09 at 8:33 pm }

I mustn’t have been concentrating, because I did not understand the Mission Beach guy’s story. Seemed to start off with a dead partner, but then she got the all clear from the docs and would be ok “as long as she was happy”? Now I’m typing that, I’m certain I completely dozed off during that segment, because that can’t have been what happened. Surely.

Was the former Supermodel contestant the girl with the see-though white t-shirt worn as a dress?

Favourite part of last night: George sending the Lebanese chef off to make hommous and baba ghannoush, then all the judges thinking it was rubbish. Poor George. Seriously, though, who has chickpeas soaking, just waiting for an emergency hommous?

The crumble looked good (and who doesn’t love crumble), but seemed like it was a safe, easy option. FFS, they had an hour to cook! Crumble?

4 Reality Raver { 04.29.09 at 11:08 pm }

Culinary Boner – The question is whether it is a reality TV show or a cooking competition. Personally I think it is the former, due to some of the tricks of the trade they are using. But even tonight in Melbourne they still haven’t worked out how to build suspense. LOL re: getting the judges to eat the whole meal.

Injera – LOL re: having the emergency chickpeas ready. No supermodel girl was the other one.
Prediction mission beach guy will eliminated tomorrow night.