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The Biggest Loser – Congratulations Bob

Bob the Roadhouse owner was The Biggest Loser winner this year. He lost over half his body weight in three months, and now only weighs 80.2 kilos. His partner in weight loss crime, his daughter-in-law, Tiffanycame runner-up.

Bob quoted Return of the Jedi when he said “There is no try only do.” He looked sensational, and he was a very popular winner.

It looks like Cameron has saved his marriage, as he said his wife was impresed by his weight loss.

I was disappointed Sharif didn’t win.

And how many times did your tears well up at your eyes, as over the three months we went from slightly disgusted by their weight to their biggest fans.

Sean won $30,000 for being The Biggest Loser not in the top four to lose the biggest percentage of his body weight.

Big thumbs down to for putting up the winner on their website at 8.48pm, when the winner was not announced on TV until 10.30pm.

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1 bella vita { 04.29.09 at 1:36 am }

great finale…loved loved loved it….

except for them making us hear the very ugly and ferral amanda sing…my god she looks about 60
and as for julie and that horrible dress she had on…she was suppossed to be a funky mum and grandma and came across looking like a matron.
Tiffany looks like Bec Cartright now that she has lost so much weight and you can tell that Meagan still thinks she is above everyone.
I hope Sean puts his wife through the program at home as she now looks like his mother.
Sharif truly a great looking guy now…lucky wife

My predictions?

Sean will spent his money on getting his teeth fixed and will run off with some younger lady
Bob will become the spokesman for some weight loss company
Meagan will try and get a presenting role or radio work
Sharif will start his own fitness boot camp ala Adro
Tania and Ramses will continue to eat and not lose weight now that the show is over
Amanda will thnk she is a superstar and Stuart will want to make money off her (how dirty did he look when she was getting the attention!)
Tiff will end up some huge superstar
and the rest…well..who cares