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Australia’s Next Top Model – Some Belated Thoughts.

After all the hype Australia’s Next Top Model Season Five finally started and it was straight into it with the final 13 bitchy antics.

Here are just a few observation on Episode 1:

  • Sarah Murdoch in her first episode looked more confident and relaxed than previous host Jodhi Meares was after two seasons. She appeared to adlib at times and there was no sight of the cheap plastic clipboard that was Jodhi crutch during the elimination scenes.
  • Charlotte Dawson is tall, thin, beautiful and funny, but why are the only two things moving on her face are her lips and eyeslids. She really did not need to be botoxed within an inch of her life, as it would be nice see some expression when she is spouting her witticisms.
  • Is judge and fashion designer Alex Perry a straight guy in a gay guys body?
  • Judge Priscilla Leighton-Clark in the Ivy scenes showed she was self conscious of her body by continually tugging on her jacket when she was standing next to the other two judges. She needs to realise she is there for her expertise as a modelling agent/business woman, not as a model/show pony. It should be ok to be a female and oversize 12 on TV. If she is feeling not great about it she should turn on Masterchef Australia and see judge food critic Matt Preston whose overblown jowls does not appear to effect his self-confidence.
  • It would be a good idea for Johnathan Pease who was criticised last year for getting to close to the young modelettes from manhandling them when they came off the catwalk. Also he appears to think his new characterisation this year of being a bit of a hard nose bastard will save him from ANTM oblivion. And Johnathan stop plagarising iconic Project Runway mentor Tim Gunn’s mantra “Make it work,”.
  • The  producers have got the formula right in mixing a group girls,  with a lot of boredom due to being confined to barracks which results in mega bitchiness. Why are none of the modelettes ever sighted picking up a book?
  • Cassi Van Den Dungen was hilarious when she dropped the F-Bomb on the catwalk, but I would have been cursing a lot more if I had to walk in those shoes. I am surprised one of the girls is not a paraplygic from those shoes.

Laura T who we did not get to know was the first girl eliminated.


1 Injera { 04.30.09 at 6:32 pm }

Yes, Sarah M was really good – she should give Heidi Klum some lessons on being a host. I’m glad she pointed out the hideous posture of most of the contestants. Seems to be an occupational hazard at the moment. Couldn’t really understand the point of giving the girls badly fitted shoes, except – of course – for the dramz.

I’m looking forward to the girls getting to know each other better in the next couple of weeks. Some of the bitching was too scattergun for my liking. They went from “ZOMG Franky’s such a bitch!” to slagging of the pale girl (Clare) without taking a breath. Choose your targets and stick to them, I say!

2 gogogarnetgirl { 04.30.09 at 9:57 pm }

Well, my dear RR, just a couple of points.

I have just caught up on the past couple of weeks of RR land and just want to say how fab it is. Has made me chuckle out loud as I sit here in my Canberra hotel room freezing my ass off far far away… I say all power to you and you deserve all the success on offer !

As for ANTM, well I have to say, I’m just relieved I don’t have to listen to the other half rave on about Jodhi’s boobs anymore… but, apart from that, am a little disturbed by the apparent glamourisation of the intra-house nastiness (aka bitchiness) of some of the contestants. Clearly Cassi has issues and if it’s not exploitation, it’s damn close…

I’m with you Injera – STICK THOSE F…ING SHOULDERS BACK GIRLS ! I can’t STAND their round shoulderness – in my humble opinion, if you are round shouldered, yhou should be banned at the audition stage.

And, please save us from Jonathon. Apart from his male-botox obsesssion, his touchy feely approach to the nymphettes is truly disturbing. He has none of the style nor panache of Mr (or Miss) J. He’s a pale, poor and poxy imitation.

Anyway, RR, just wanted to check in and say the site is fab… personally, can’t wait for Adam’s next song on AI this week… (even though it was last night, I haven’t caught up yet… hope that make sense…)

Talk soon….


3 Anonymous { 05.03.09 at 10:19 am }

I love Clare, Madison (crazy hair and all!), and Adele.

Cassi needs a sedative.

Looks-wise, Lola reminds me of Penny from SYTYCD. Manly.

4 Injera { 05.03.09 at 10:58 am }

Oh, I think Lola is stunning – a real old-school pin-up. Very sexy.

As for Madison, I just want to send her for a deep conditioning treatment.

5 bella vita { 05.05.09 at 2:11 am }

Sarah Murdoch is a supreme host…stylish, classy and thank god she doesnt use a clip board!!!
Jodhi was just horrible, like a stilted at least thats one positive for the year!!

Jonathan appeared like a real mean try hard in the first ep…i mean..he doesnt have the best rep in the industry as it is, so why change now???

I personally think most of the girls are total skanks..and probably the ugliest I have seen from all the seasons. Best looking is the girl from Castlemaine..Georgia? Georgie? something like that.

Please someone fix Cassi’s teeth and the try hard Claudia Schiffer is just plain foul.

I cant wait for makeover when they cut all of Madisons hair off (my hair is my best assett) is she serious??? PERLEASE!

As usual Charlotte already seems to have her favs….

What i would like this season…
a good scrag fight
sarah murdoch telling one of the other judges off
a photographer that is actually well known..not these back yard dodgys who claim to do this and that
NO USE of the beaver..if i see a beaver i will scream
different challenges that are actually exciting to watch

Oh and how about giving Priscilla a makeover? yes i know she’s a larger lady..but that hair and eyebrows have to go.