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Masterchef Australia – Melbourne Auditions

Tonight’s auditions were in Melbourne, and it was being talked up as THE  foodie city, and with the three judges being from Melbourne, it would appear the producers considered there was a brevity of foodie talent in other parts of Australia.

However the recently released Top 100 Restaurants of the world has three Australian eating establishments in it and they are all from Sydney. Yes I know I am being parochial, however I do think one of the judges could have been from Sydney. Oh and a woman.

Anyway it was the same format as the previous auditions, anyone who was put through got a lot of airtime, apart from the guy who did the Chicken Jolie which I swear I have seen similar dishes on The Chopping Block or a Women’s Weekly Cookbook circa 1972. Are there any circumstances where avocado should be put on a hot dish?

The vegetarian girl we have been seeing in the advertisments has finally shown up. Her beetroot risotto was simple but it did look nice. Obviously she had confessed all in her application form as the judges asked her about her eating disorder. Apparently recovered. She also said she was comfortable cooking meat.  We know this is not the case.

I was bemused they put through the molecular technology guy through, as I still don’t know if his dish was savoury or sweet – there were peas in it so I am presuming it was savoury. Matt Preston said that this particular cuisine had yet to take off in Australia. And he wonders why? His food looked like it was haemorraging blood.

Prediction the female former aerospace engineer who undercooked the salmon will go far in the competition.

I thought George Columbaris really found his feet tonight some of his lines were definitely amusing. However someone needs to tell him and Matt Preston to keep their hands from covering their mouths.

The second half of the show was an onion cutting competition, which culminated in 12 people being up for elimination tomorrow night.

Best Dish – The simple pasta with cherry tomatoes

Dud Dish – Tie between Chicken Jolie and the molecular technology.


1 Culinary Boner { 04.30.09 at 4:26 pm }

The onion cutting competition was more a finger cutting exercise for many of the contestants. Clearly many have never used properly sharpened, quality knives before but were at least prepared to have a dig. There were a couple of prissie contestants who did not seem to be enjoying this prep task. Well, they need to wake up and smell the coffee, ’cause cheffing at the level they are at is no more than hard slogging drudgery.

2 Injera { 04.30.09 at 6:41 pm }

I can’t believe the engineer was put through with the raw salmon. Seriously, she did a Greg Malouf pilaf and couldn’t cook salmon – they must have been desperate. Also, I love reality contestents who say “my job sucks blah blah, working long hours – I come home and cooking makes me happy so I thought ‘why not do that for a living?'”. Being a chef is going to be an unalloyed joy for them, I can just tell.

As for Mr Molecular Gastronomy, it really seemed as though the producers said “put him in or else”, since Gary’s initial comment was pretty much “meh – looks like peas, doesn’t taste as good as peas”. When it came to judging, though, he was suddenly a yes.

And thank god the auditions are over. I can’t cope with any more sob stories. Just shut up and cook, dammit.