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Ricki-Lee Coulter To Have An Electorate Named After Her?

I am considering offering this woman a guest post.

This from

Richard Farmer writes:
Brighter than your average submission. Submissions to the Australian Electoral Commission on changes to electoral boundaries are normally very boring affairs full of figures and thinly disguised arguments of self-interest from political parties trying to gain an advantage. I hope, therefore, that the panel considering changes that will result in Queensland gaining an extra seat take note of Public Submission No 15 by Claudia Marckx. Not for her all that dull and boring stuff. Ms Marckx concentrates on the important question of who the seat should be named after and makes the case for Coulter, in recognition of Queensland entertainer Ricki-Lee Coulter.
She argues:
I submit that this choice of name would leverage synergies between reality television and electoral process, progress the cause of youth electoral engagement and help project a contemporary understanding of Queensland as a vibrant place in which young Australians, and in particular young women, are valued and recognised for their contributions to nation-building.
Further, given the understanding of the lives of working Australian families that is demonstrated in Coulter’s catalogue of songs, such a choice would also accord with modern Australian values.
 I further submit that the redistribution committee embrace youth-driven technology and make the announcement of the name of this new electoral division by way of a “tweet”.

Now the issue Ms Marckx does not address in her submission is whether the seat should be known as the Electorate of Coulter or the Electorate of Ricki-Lee. Now as many of her young fans only know her as Ricki-Lee it would make sense to ensure maximum impact for the younger voters the member of this area should be known as the Federal Member for Ricki-Lee. On second thoughts that title sounds like a name of a bad porn flick. And to any would be commentors I don’t need an outline on what the plot of that movie would entail.