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Masterchef Australia – Getting Closer To The Top 20

I was not surprised when Bushtucker man was eliminated from Masterchef Australia tonight, as the paperbark and grass he picked in Glebe has probably been urinated on by every dog in the inner-city suburb.

Tonight the elimination challenge was to make a two course seafood meal , and to be honest I would have been happy to eat most of them.

Special guest judge was superb seafood chef/owner of Pier Restaurant Greg Doyle. It is clear these episodes were filmed prior to the swine flu ‘pandemic’ as the judges continue to share plates.

Julie the IT Consultant from Sydney wisely kept it simple or as Greg Doyle said bistro food. I thought her dishes looked lovely and fresh particularly the scallops with mango salsa. She was named as having the best dishes of the night. So other contestants should take note this appears to be the type of food the judges are after.

I was surprised Poh Ling was safe when she drowned some gorgeous flathead with a mango dressing.

The judges continue to give the love to the molecular gastronomy boy. His food combinations are extremely unappetising.

Five cooks were meant to be eliminated tonight, however the judges seemed to be unable to decide who to go and only three got the chop. If they are soft c**king it now what are they going to be like when the judging is going to be toughher.  The next episode on Sunday will reveal the top 20.

Producers please expand host Sarah Wilson’s role now.

Best dish: Scallops with mango salsa

Worst dish: The fig with oyster


1 h&b { 05.02.09 at 12:57 am }

You know I thought the ‘bistro/cafe-labelled’ food looked rather homey and bland .. ‘what I cook at home’ type food.

I like a bit more of a production when I eat out these days I guess ( because the occurance is so rare with very small children ), so molecular boy appeals on an aethetic level, and it’s stuff I don’t/won’t make at home.

However, was it cauliflower foam ? Ugh.
I love a bit o’ black pudding with my scallops..

2 Injera { 05.02.09 at 11:28 am }

Last night I wasn’t sure whether I was watching a cooking show or The Amazing Race – the phone begging at the market was pure TAR, as were the other transport/budget shenanigans.

The judges may be giving the contestants direction, but since that isn’t making it through to the final edit, their comments can seem arbitrary. Are they specifically telling the cooks that their food should be “restaurant quality”? Or maybe I missed it – I was a bit drunk from trying to keep up with my drinking game: any contestant who said “I’d be gutted/devastated if I didn’t make it through”. Oh, really? They are really going by the reality 101 playbook here.

Hoping that the soft-c**king, as you put it, doesn’t continue. How did seafood boy get through with rubbery squid?

3 Reality Raver { 05.03.09 at 10:07 pm }

Got to confess Injera I missed the first few minutes so missed The Amazing Race type stuff unfortunately.

H & B – I know what you mean. But I cannot stand black pudding.