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MasterChef Australia – The Sushi Train Challenge

Is The Ivy slutting itself to every reality TV show in town? Last week Australia’s Next Top Model also filmed in the complex. I know Justin Hemmes is in a bit of financial difficulties but it is starting to reek of over exposure.

Also tonight I noted that some of the contestants are getting so much more air time than others. Tonight it was like the Sam, Laura, and Aaron show. Are Laura and Aaron saying stuff that is so much more interesting than the rest of the contestants? If so it is a worry.

Tonight was the elimination challenge they were split into teams. Sam was the captain and he got to pick the other captain. He strategically picked who he thought was a weaker leader, and he chose Sandra the mum from Brisbane.

They were then competing for who could make the most money from the sushi train. The winning teams prize was a lunch at Apres, and the losing team would have to vote on who they thought was the weakest person in the challenge.

A few thoughts on the teams performances:

  • Sandra made a strategic mistake when she put herself on front of house, therefore she was out of the kitchen.
  • When Trevor said to her there were too many people in the kitchen she meekly retreated. I hope she had more balls when she was a hostie dealing with all those people who refuse to turn their mobile phones off.
  • Tom was a complete dud as de facto leader of the red teams kitchen. He was far to meek and mild and was not giving directions. Trevor got a roasting from the judges for taking over, however the kitchen was going pear shaped and someone had to fix it. Also Tom accidentally took the blue teams beef, which meant the blue team had to scratch it from their menu.
  • Chris the beer dude deserves props for his clever marketing leaflet idea which ensured bums on seats on the red table.
  • Sam did well in the kitchen and showed great leadership skills. If it is going to be Survivor like voting going on he could have a huge target on his back.
  • The pricing arrangement for the blue to team was to expensive, for most of their dishes they were charging $9.00 a plate. People expect to be ripped off at The Ivy but not that much.
  • Brent’s performance in the kitchen got a big thumbs up from Sam, something he needed as he was the second last person to be picked in a team.

The blue team lost. My prediction is Melissa is in serious trouble. Her nerves always get the better of her.


1 Injera { 05.07.09 at 7:57 am }

I am really starting to lose interest here. Masterchef Australia doesn’t seem to know what it is. Last night was pure Apprentice, with the team leaders, “marketers” and arbitrarily divvied-up responsibilities. Even the way the judges (or the 2/3 of them that we seem to see unless tasting is in order) were assigned was more than just a nod to The Donald’s show. Gary was much tougher on the Red team than George was on the Blue, although Sandra gave more than was absolutely necessary in response to a simple “how do you think your team went?” question.

Manufactured drama with the beef – I didn’t understand that little “plot” at all. Surely Tom heard Brent stressing out about his missing meat?

And on top of all that, the show went for an hour and we still have to wait for the elimination.

2 KC { 05.07.09 at 7:14 pm }

What I’m disappointed about is not the fact that it was like the Apprentice cause I guess I can understand that restaurants are like that (although the marketing team was really stupid cause you’re a chef and I would think that when you are learning about chefing you wouldn’t have to do marketing…just doesn’t click for me) but I don’t understand that in a show that is finding Australia’s Masterchef and not Australia’s favourite Chef or best Chef after voting off the best chef there that judges are allowing contestants to vote each other off. That’s so argh for me cause I’m watching this show so its more like a Project Runway kinda outcome. PURELY JUDGES! I don’t want a good cook to get voted off cause of someone’s tactics. This show is about cooking. Stop making it about drama (I read that in the forum and I entirely agree). ARGH. I like Masterchef but it is starting to peeve me off too.

Oh about the show, I really don’t like the Red team compared to the people on the Blue team. GO THE BLUE TEAM!

3 onadrought { 05.07.09 at 8:11 pm }

Agree with everything RR. I also had thoughts like Injera that the beef incident was manufactured. Sandra shits me.