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Masterchef – It’s a Longrain to the top…

OK, first up, I don’t want to see people putting their chef jackets on. That’s not entirely true – I just don’t want to see any of this lot in a state of half-undress (or half-dress).

“Here we go” indeed.

The chef tonight is Martin Boetz of Longrain. I love Longrain, but nobody cooks Thai food better than him? I should forgive narrators for hyperbole… but I won’t. Both Brent and Boetz are cooking Boetz’s signature dish: Egg net with pork and prawn with beansprouts and a cucumber relish and just the idea of it is making me seriously hungry.

Brent gets a head start and Boetz gives him a lot of help. In fact, Trevor – looking on from the balcony – says what we are probably all thinking: “when are you going to start cooking, Brent?”  At this point, I realise where I’ve seen this set before:

The House of Blue Leaves

The House of Blue Leaves

Any minute now, there’ll be an onslaught from the Crazy 88.  At least the chefs are armed.

Both chefs get their dishes out and I’d eat either of them at this stage. The judges eat and give each plate a score.

Unsurprisingly, Boetz wins, so we will not be saying goodbye to Brent.

A couple of things:

  • George compares Brent’s egg net to nana knickers, when he wants La Perla. I am now stuck with the image of George eating undies.
  • Would any chef in the country agree to this if there was any possibility they would be beaten? I mean, sure, the message from Ratatouille was “anyone can cook”, but the chef beaten by an amateur on national TV might find him/herself shunned by the fraternity.
  • This has been raised by RR and commenters before, but it does seem like a double-edged sword to “beat the chef”. Can the contestant turn the “prize” down?


1 Don Kennedy { 05.12.09 at 11:45 pm }

Injera – great observation on the set. Made me lol.
This show is soooo bad – and we were looking forward to it with so much anticipation. What a shame.
Anyhow – I think you and/or RR should have your own elimination contest. Pick a night that will “be the most important night of their life” and have all this blog’s readers vote off one of the judges. Couldn’t happen to a better bunch of mean-spirited mediocrities. Cheers.

2 Jaynie { 05.13.09 at 10:52 am }

Except George didn’t say “nana knickers,” he actually stumbled and said “nana knAckers,” which left me with an even more disturbing mind picture!

3 Injera { 05.13.09 at 11:10 am }

Don – I noticed last night that “Masterchef” wasn’t causing quite the Twitter sensation it had been. There seem to be many of us who are disappointed with the way it’s worked out, after having had such high hopes. Love the idea of voting off judges!

Oh, I’m so glad I mis-heard the nana knichers, but thanks, Jaynie, for the even more hidous mental image.

4 bella vita { 05.13.09 at 2:07 pm }

This part of the show is truly a joke. I mean, come on…who in their right mind would let a amatuer chef beat a well known pro??
It is just plain stupid, and i agree with Injera that the chef’s fraternity would be just plain laughing if this was ever “allowed” to happen. Which makes me think that it will, somewhere along the line….

Oh Georgie Peorgie…he almost looked like a naughty school boy when he was talking about the knickers!! Obviously he has had a lot of experience with La Perla!