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American Idol – Final Three Perform

Last night, each singer sang twice: a song chosen by the judges, and their own choice of song.  First round was judges’ choice.  Because there are four judges and only three singers, the songs where chosen by Simon (for Adam), Paula (for Danny) and KaRandy (for Kris).  Paula chose a Terence Trent D’Arby song for Danny – “to suit his range”.  “Dance Little Sister” has about three notes in it, so it may have “suited” his limited range – it certainly didn’t stretch him.  Boring.  Kris sang “Apologize”, which is probably one of those songs that everybody knows, but has completely passed me by. Marcia would have said he was “pitchy”, but all KaRandy was concerned about was that he sat behind a piano instead of standing behind a guitar. All judges thought Adam’s take on U2’s One was revolutionary.  I thought it sounded as though he was trying to sing both parts of the Bono/Mary J Blige version, simultaneously.  Did not love, but still best of the round.

Contestants’ choice.  Danny sang “You Are So Beautiful”. He just doesn’t do it for me. Kris sang Kanye West’s “Heartless”, and did a pretty good job of it.  KaRandy was overjoyed that he did it with the guitar and didn’t seem to realise that this invalidated her criticism of “Apologize”, unless she exists in a universe in which a contestent wouldn’t be slammed for performing two songs the same way in the same episode. Adam sang Aerosmith’s “Cryin'” and I was less underwhelmed by this than by most of the other performances, with is the strongest praise I can muster.  I was more interested in the T-shirt he was wearing, which looked like it had a bedazzled AC/DC design.  Please tell me I was mistaken.

The performances were completely overshadowed last night by the behaviour of the judges. Kara decided to establish herself as “feisty” and was obnoxious. After Danny’s first performance, Paula and Simon’s antics were either 1. so over-the-top that they couldn’t be shown on TV or 2. so pointless that they weren’t shown. Ryan was valiantly trying to soldier on but was thwarted by Gokey, whose jaw dropped further than I’ve ever seen and was reduced to grunting and pointing in the judges’ direction.

I’m just hoping that American makes the right final two choice, which is to say I don’t really care about whether Adam beats Danny or Kris in the final (so by “right”, I mean “Adam gets through”).


1 RRr { 05.16.09 at 3:41 pm }

Re: Adam’s shirt for Cryin’

Looks like a The Great China Wall T-shirt with “ROCK” on the front.

Top 3 night was the first time I was annoyed by the judges. Kara was obnoxious, and Simon covering Paula’s mouth was not appropriate on screen or off screen.

2 Injera { 05.16.09 at 4:09 pm }

Good pickup on the t-shirt RRr – that is much more expensive than I would have expected.

I really don’t see how Idol can possibly continue with the four-judge format when they take up so much time being stupid that actual songs (“it’s a singing competition”) are cut to fit the time. This time in every other season: nine songs! And I think Kara brings nothing that wasn’t already there…