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Masterchef – The Long Goodbye

If someone can tell me why Ten has set aside a 30 minute episode for a peer-elimination, I’d be grateful.  This, more than any other episode in the weekly cycle, sucks the life out of this viewer.

Last night’s previews suggested that Aaron might be in trouble.  It’s clear there are some amongst the contenders who don’t like him; the best thing about tonight was seeing that there are those who wanted him to stay (another reason to love Julie).  What really surprised me was that Sam and Josh seemed to avoid any criticism for buying the cooked lobster, and that Michelle was thought to be in the firing line when she seemed to be one of the more helpful members of the losing team.

Brent may not have “deserved” to go –  after struggling over the first couple of weeks (has it only been a couple of weeks?), he really seemed to be gaining confidence and performing well – but his team seemed as one with their decision to hold the leader accountable for the loss.  According to the edit, he came across as a bit of a control freak in the captain’s role, but he probably reasoned that a more consultative leader would still come under fire for being indecisive.  It really does underscore the risk of winning challenges, which means that a Justine might be playing the safest game.

Tomorrow night – the masterclass, a.k.a. schedule filler.


1 Mary { 05.15.09 at 4:31 pm }

Does anyone else think that Brent looked a lot like Jason Coleman?

2 Injera { 05.15.09 at 8:15 pm }

Actually, I got a bit of a David Wenham vibe from him, particularly in profile. If he’s started flashing the gang signs, maybe I’d have seen Jason…!