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Reality Tidbits – a trip down memory lane

My Restaurant Rules

Perhaps it’s just my disappointment with Masterchef that has made me look back in nostalgia at past reality shows, or maybe I’ve just got too much time on my hands, but something had me Googling with intent this week.  As a result, I came across this news from February: Adelaide’s Greedy Goose, the winner of the last season of MRR, has closed its doors.  John and Justine Hall had apparently done well enough with the restaurant to open a “gourmet burger bar” as well, however they cite the Global Financial Crisis for the downturn in business, which forced them to close both eateries.  Adelaide readers – let us know if they’ve started a new venture!

Survivor – the trials and tribulations of Richard Hatch

Richard Hatch (the winner of the first ever Survivor, not the Battlestar Galactica star) has been moved to a halfway house, having served time in prison on tax charges.  He’ll be there for another five months.  Maybe this will give Mark Burnett some ideas for the location of a future series, not that this matters to us here in Australia.  Season 18 – Survivor: Tocantins – has nearly finished screening in the US but hasn’t appeared on local schedules.

Britain’s Got Talent

Susan Boyle contines to make news all over the world.  She’s had a (mini) makeover, has appeared on Oprah, has been offered both a porno and a role in an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, and has turned down the offer to sing at the White House.  But will she win?


Not, strictly speaking, reality television, but it does offer some of the cringe-inducing joy that some of us watch unscripted TV for.  Terry Wogan’s given it away, which is a huge loss to the coverage, but he’s been replaced by Graham Norton, who should give a memorable commentary.  SBS has sent Julie Zemiro and Sam Pang over for the semi-finals and, of course, the main event.  I’m just hoping that they are just “hosting” and that we’ll still get Norton’s comments – nobody snarks Eurovision like celebrities from a country that fails almost every year.

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1 rhubarb { 05.16.09 at 6:20 pm }

I liked MRR actually, which is a bit sad. John and Justine gave me the irrits.