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Masterchef – odds and ends


Last night’s episode was the weekly masterclass, where Gary and George show the people touted as “Australia’s best amateur cooks” what they coulda shoulda done with the ingredients and challenges they’d had over the past week.  A bunny was butchered, eggs were poached in cling film (I’ve not seen this technique before and would not be pleased to see an egg that had been cooked this way in my breakfast), a mess of meringue and cream was concocted, and pasta was made.  And I screamed at my TV, and promptly switched over to Eurovision, when a number of contestants answered “yes” to “hands up who hasn’t made pasta?”.

Matt is clearly limiting his appearances on the show – I think we only saw him twice this week.  Smart man.

Miss Poland

Linda certainly has an entrepreneurial bent, and is no stranger to TV.  This fitness venture, Beep 2 Run, has been featured on Deal or No Deal and Today Tonight, apparently. It seems like a strange concept – you buy a t-shirt with the slogan “Beep 2 Make Me Run” and you are therefore motivated to get fit by having random drivers toot at you.  My reaction when random drivers toot at me? The finger.

Linda’s keeping the world informed of her actions over at Twitter – she’s @fooddesigner

Brent Parker-Jones

The latest evictee seemed to be happy to see his friends (and dog) at the end of Wednesday’s show.  Since his elimination, he’s given interviews to The West Australian and TV Week, as well as Nova radio.  Some highlights from his interviews:

  • “…there are people in that top 20 who don’t know what tarragon looks like… I was judged by people who know nothing about food, not by judges.”
  • “…there is a very strong unit in the house between Josh, Kate and Sam “” they’re as thick as thieves. They were brought into my team within the first five votes that I had to bring them in, all with strong points. Now, having done that, I realised my position would have been jeopardised if I fell foul of them. Basically, Josh said, “Well, we’re voting on the criteria of what happened in the challenge, we can’t fault anyone’s performance, so it must be the captain’s fault.” I said, “That’s really short-focused and narrow-minded,” but I couldn’t change Josh’s opinion and I think the damage was done the night before voting. It was a pack mentality and the easiest thing was not to rock the boat and just go with what the alliance had said.”
  • “My favourite pick would be Chris. He has a wealth of knowledge, credibility and an energy that would protect the brand of Masterchef*. There are people who are here for the wrong reasons and they will be found wanting when the time comes.”

Brent’s also on Twitter – you can find him at @BJ_ParkerJones.  I didn’t hear his Nova interview, but he tweeted this gem: Dave from Nova. Is officially the biggest dick head on radio! 4:24 PM May 10th from TwitterFon

Would love to hear people’s ideas on the identities of those who are there for the “wrong reasons”!

*Interesting that Brent’s keen to protect the “brand of Masterchef” – I’d say it was already pretty much trashed by this version.


1 Anonymous { 05.16.09 at 7:15 pm }

Josh just doesn’t seem to be that interested. Apparently someone called Justine is a contestant and Poh, well, she may be creative but doesn’t seem to know a helluva lot about food.

2 Injera { 05.16.09 at 7:45 pm }

Anon, I agree. RR, in her profiles of some of the contestants, found this information about “Justine”: In the auditions the judges liked my food but criticised my attitude. Matt said that I was too much of a smart-arse and a bit cocky. George told me that I talk too highly of myself. I tried to fire back and they couldn’t believe it. I think this is why she’s getting a real “loser edit” from the producers. Unfortunately this might backfire – if she makes it to final ten or so, people won’t know her and it will be a bit of egg on the faces of the production team.

As for Poh, this is not her first time around in a cooking comp. She was on Beat the Chef in 2005 so it’s weird that she seems so clueless (