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Australia’s Next Top Model – Catwalk Week

In an early scene Mikarla asks Cassi for walking lessons, Cassi being the person who dropped the F-bomb at the end of the runway on the first day. I don’t know who is more stupid: Mikarla, for her choice of teacher, or Cassi, for thinking she can walk. I think I’ll go with Mikarla.

Mink Sadowski is going to evaluate the girls’ walks. Her perspective: She loves Clare on the catwalk – Cassi thinks Clare’s hopeless. Naturally I’d trust Mink. Mink and Sarah both love Frankie. Tahnee’s skirt is too stripperama. Lola’s walk is very masculine (it’s true – she does look awkward). Madison walks like a duck. (Actually, that was me – Mink thinks she walks like a man). Mikarla annoys Sarah, which is good, because she is the most annoying person I’ve seen on TV today. Oh, apart from the hideous French-Canadian mother-in-law on Dr Phil.

Now that they’ve had their practice, the girls get to strut in “couture”. Clare is worried that people will see her boobs (I don’t hear this the first time, because I’m saying “I can see Clare’s boobs!”. Sorry, Clare). According to Sarah, we also see Tahnee’s undies. Madison’s hair is back to it’s dry, frizzy, Pantene-before-shot best.

It’s challenge time – the models have to practice their newly acquired (or not-at-all-acquired, in some cases) runway skills at the fruit markets. [God, Mikarla is such a bogan. Hopefully she’s getting so much airtime tonight because she’s going.] Clare is very, very disdainful of the set. She comes off as a hideous snob, but pulls it together for her walk. The girls all have platinum bobbed wigs. Madison’s looks way better than her real hair. Cassi walks like a marionette. A marionette operated by a drunk. Frankie walks well (also: boobies!). Tahnee’s a star (disclosure: I’m pretty much in love with Tahnee). Mikarla nearly takes a dive off the back of the truck.

Tahnee wins the challenge. She has to choose someone to share her $10K shopping spree at The Corner Store. She’s smart enough to choose Adele, since they were neck and neck. She has overnight to decide how to split the prize. She goes with a $9K/$1K split, which Mikarla thinks is “tight”.

Cassi is horrid, horrid, horrid. She is abusing Clare for daring to shower at 9.00am, when they have an 8.30 wake up. I now think I can put up with Mikarla for another week if only this hideous brat is taken off my screen.

Photo shoot! The girls are taken to a disused warehouse where they are shooting for Kotex. They have to be able to show off their “moving skills” in the stills. It’s… complicated.

Sarah mail means “elimination time”. For some reason, Laura thinks it will be a double elimination so, obviously, I’m hoping both Cassi and Mikarla go. I know, I know, Douchethan and Charlotte love Cassi and she does pull good shots out every week, but she is hideous. As is Mikarla.

Going through: Adele (ranga really suits her), Frankie, Tahnee (thank God!), Madison, Lola (another of my faves), Laura, Clare…

Leaving three – Eloise (who?), Cassi and Mikarla – and it IS a double elimination!

Well, I’m a bit happy. Mikarla’s gone, but Cassi stays. Eloise seems to be coping with the elimination better than anybody.

Aaaaand… Eliose and Mikarla totter off in the rain, sharing an umbrella.

  • Line of the night: “I’ve worked it out. I walk better when I’m not thinking”. Cassi.


1 Anonymous { 05.20.09 at 4:36 am }

I don’t think Clare was being a hideous snob, I think she was reacting to a horribly exploitative and objectifying situation. Disdainful, appalled, uncomfortable, sure. Hideous snob? Nah.

2 realityraver { 05.20.09 at 6:36 pm }

I hope I did not miss the beaver challenge. I am still getting laughs from last year’s episode when the girls had to hold the beaver.

It probably shows how Benny Hill my sense of humour is.

Great recap.

3 Laura { 05.21.09 at 3:49 am }

I hope to God that Cassi was reprimanded for her behaviour this week. Invading the bathroom when Clare was naked in the shower & physically threatening her? That is assault & she should have been kicked out for it.
Of course the producers played it down because it seems that she is on the path to the finale & they did not want a replay of the universally unpopular Demelza victory.

4 injera { 05.21.09 at 7:19 pm }

Agreed, Laura. Sarah seemed to suggest that they were fully aware of Cassi and Mikarla’s behaviour, but in order to protect the other girls, I hope there were some consequences. Cassi would be a better fit for Super Nanny than Top Model.

5 RetroGirl { 05.22.09 at 9:11 am }

I personally found the fruit market challenge a bit disturbing. It just felt wrong to have a bunch of middle aged guys leering and catcalling at 16 year old girls and taking photos of them on their mobile phones. It was a bit too over the top and I don’t blame the girls for feeling very uncomfortable in that situation.

6 Injera { 05.22.09 at 9:50 am }

Anonymous and RetroGirl – You’re both right, the circumstances of that shoot were “disturbing” (I hadn”t noticed the mobile phone photos, but obviously the leering and whistling were exactly what was ordered). It really was just pimping out the girls.

7 RetroGirl { 05.22.09 at 6:38 pm }

Injera – there is a really creepy photo of the guys taking photos with their mobile phones at