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“Beat the Chef” – sorry, “Masterchef”

Having won the “Invention Challenge”, Julia faces off against chef Peter Evans, or Peter Evans Chef as he is known to the internet.  They are both cooking his signature dish, tea-smoked duck with a duck ravioli, which sounds yummy, if a bit confused. If she wins? It’s out of the competition until the final week, which some have pointed out might be a handicap as it will be hard to maintain her “edge” without daily exposure to the kitchen.  If she loses? She’ll have to be a team captain and will be a target for elimination by the “Mean Girls” a.k.a. Josh, Sam and Kate.  Makes winning the Invention Challenge a tasty prospect, doesn’t it?

Evans gives Julia a lot of advice, but doesn’t follow Martin Boetz’s precedent of doing some of the cooking.  Aaron acknowledges that Evans is really helpful, but says that if he were the chef, he’d just stand there, staring, trying to psyche the contestant out.  What would that achieve?  Aaron really doesn’t make sense, ever.

Dishes are cooked and presented, labelled 1 and 2, to the judges.  The judges seem to like both of them equally, if we are to trust the editing.

The judges come out.  Evans has the look of a man who has agreed to take a fall.

On Gary’s mark, Julia’s ahead.  He’s got the grin of a man who knows the professional is taking a fall.  George also puts Julia ahead of Peter.  He tells her she can work in his kitchen any day.

It all rests with Matt.  Has he read the script?  Sarah reminds us that Matt is a feared critic.  After a well-timed ad break, Matt reveals his score and… he’s read the script!  Julia wins!

Peter Evans graciously offers to mentor Julia over the next few months, so she should be in fine form for the finals.


1 CG { 05.19.09 at 9:10 pm }

I wonder what they had to promise Pete to take the fall. He owns Hugo’s doesn’t he? They went there for a victory lunch on an earlier show. So will there be more Hugo promos during the series? Will Pete get his own show? … Or was he planning to move to the US anyway so selling his soul to MC Austrlaia wasn’t a big deal?

2 Injera { 05.19.09 at 9:18 pm }

Ha! Maybe he’ll follow Curtis’ lead and call us all fatties on his way out.

Haven’t eaten at any of his places, but I’m a bit suspicious of any restaurant or cafe that sells itself like this: “…one can drive past the Pantry and see anyone from Shane Warne, or the St Kilda football team to Holly Valance or Eric Bana…”. Although maybe he’s just saying it’s best just to drive past.

3 Anon { 05.20.09 at 12:07 am }

I was extremely impress by Pete Evans’ humility nonetheless – particularly in offering to mentor Julia.

4 realityraver { 05.20.09 at 6:37 pm }

Now confirms why I have not eaten at any of his restaurants. Not great publicity. HOwever I hear they do a wicked cocktail.

I feel sorry for Julia winning now she misses out on all the fun for the next few months.