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HomeMADE – Episode 5 – How To Deal With A Control Freak Client

I must confess I have not watched a reality TV show for two weeks beside the American Idol finale, so even if this had been an episode of The Bachelorette Season 26 I probably would have gained some viewing pleasure out of it.

Obviously for any Top Design fans there are going to be comparisons. The question is why they did not take more of the format from Top Design? 

Renovating a house in five days is just not enough time for the designers or builders to do a good job. On Top Design they are normally given two days to design a little wooden room. Also with all the different challenges it allows the Top Design contestants to be extremely creative and interesting.

I know for Channel 9 Backyard Blitz and those make over programs have been successful for them in the past, but normally there is limited owner input. Here the designers have to cater to the whims of Mr and Mrs Suburbia and lets face it this means they want to keep it pretty bland.

Speaking of the owners maybe they need to psych test them prior to allowing them to be on the show, as Olly from last night was quite the egomanical control freak, and he seemed to think his tennis pro job gave him high level managerial skills.

Seriously the bones of their house was fantastic noone could stuff up a renovation job but he was wanting to sign off on every decision. Which was particulary strange considering looking at the state of their house it would appear they had no design flair and little taste.

I suppose unreasonable and demanding clients are probably a something all designers have to deal with on a weekly basis.

However I did wonder what carrot the producers were dangling to get the boy team to stay on the job.

The other thing is the deadlines appear to be flexible. The five days  are over but they designers appear to be  still working on the houses. Either have a longer deadline which would  appear to be a bit more realistic or make them down tools.

I agree with Injera’s post on HomeMade that David Heiman the mentor is a natural for TV, however I don’t see the point of him visiting the houses right towards the end of the renovation, it would be better if he got their earlier to help them sort a few things out.

Also I would have liked to know who decides who gets what room. It seems a bit unfair that some people have to do two rooms whereas others did one. For example Leonie had two bedrooms to do, whereas Stacey had a tiny baby’s room to do.

The other thing about Top Design in both series there were about a dozen of contestants I would have loved to have come to do over my house. At the moment I would not be touching any of this lot. Annie spent three days picking tiles for the kitchen, now if I am paying for an interior designers time I want them to be a bit more efficient then that.

Even though she felt the girls were ganging up against her did she really help her cause by going for a coffee on the beach after she finally had picked the right shade of turquoise of the tiles.

She will be lucky to survive an elimination.

For those wondering about the house the contestants are staying in some eagle eyed SMH The Guide reader and clearly a reality TV fan spotted it was the same house used in the TV show Single Girls.

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1 Injera { 05.25.09 at 5:56 pm }

The clients last night were horrendous. I couldn’t quite understand whether these were beach getaways, or their homes that just happen to be in beach suburbs. I chose to interpret it as the former, so I could get more joy from screaming things like “you’re getting a free $50K reno on your beach house, you *&%$ entitled &#*&@$!”.

Annie’s a nightmare. I missed last week, but in the first week she didn’t help any of her teammates – just focussed on her own thing and let them deal with some fairly major decisions and tasks.

I agree that the divvying up of responsibilities – assigning rooms – is a real weak point. The judges don’t seem to take that into consideration, either.