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MasterChef Australia – Contestant Confirms The Show Is More About Entertainment Than The Cooking

In TV Week eliminated contestant Michelle confirms what we thought, that MasterChef Australia was more reality TV show than cooking show. Apparently she thought she had signed up for an educational experience.

The article said:

“The emphasis was on making dramatic television rather than a learning curve.” she said.

“I felt that perhaps I woud’ve learnt more from the caterers had I spent a week in their truck!”

As one of the older competitors, Michelle felt that she’d left it too late to start an apprenticeship and had hoped MasterChef  would fast-track her cooking career. But she was underwhelmed with the show’s main teaching vehicle, the master classes with judges Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris. ” The classes kicked in about two weeks into the show and they were fantastic, ” she says, “but the judges didn’t offer that much tuition. You had to watch what they were doing, take notes and implement it later. We thought we would be learning a lot more about cooking and food.”

Michelle is also critical of the lack of a female voice in the judging team. “Personally, I would’ve liked to have seen a female judge on the panel,” she says. ” The token host, Sarah Wilson, who’s gorgeous and incredibly intelligent, did not get enough commentary. On every other reality TV show where there are three judges one is female.”

I have to agree with what Michelle says about Sarah, a robot would be able to recite the small amount of lines she has been given. She should be on the judging panel as well, the pre-show press made out how she used to do restaurant reivews but I have yet to see a morsel pass her lips.

In other MasterChef Australia news TV Week also has a blind spoiler alert saying the tension is rising in the MasterChef house. Another contestant will forfeit their place  in the game by the end of the week. With a divide evident among the contestants and separation from loved ones taking a toll, someone throws in their apron.

Also the Kiddie Mafia have come out saying they are not bullies.

Again TV Week reveals the Kiddie Mafia which consists of close friends Josh, Sam and Kate are refuting that they’ve been bullying their fellow competitor Aaron.

Josh who was eliminated last week said he was no bully.

“Aaron was getting on people’s nerves in the house because he’s opinionated, but in the end he wasn’t delivering good dishes,” Josh says. “I tried to encourage him to concentrate on the food but he didn’t want to listen. I can be blunt sometimes,” He adds, “but I’m an honest person and I would never bully anyone.”

Kate agrees, saying she’s “not that kind of person” and that Aaron has taken their attempts to help him the wrong way. “He stepped on a lot of people’s toes, especially in the first couple of weeks in the competition,” she says. “We did see him as a mate, that’s why we wanted to help him out. The conversations we had with him were very calm. We’d sit down and say, ‘You need to stop giving criticism to people’, but I suppose he just didn’t want to hear it from us. I’m hurt that that’s how he saw what we were saying,”

While Aaron claimed he felt outcast by the group, Sam says that the three friends never intended to leave anyone out. “I hope our friendship didn’t alienate any of the other contestants,” he says. “We just wanted to get the best out of each other while enjoying eveyone’s company.”


1 Injera { 05.26.09 at 10:01 am }

Umm, Josh, maybe you weren’t being a bully, but also maybe it’s not your place to tell Aaron to “concentrate on the food”. I have found that people who pride themselves on being “blunt” often overlook the fact that others can feel bullied by that. I’m not yet at the point of having erotic dreams about Aaron, but my initial negative reaction to him has become more positive.

2 reality raver { 05.26.09 at 11:39 am }

Agree I thought it a tad bizarre that Josh thought he was such a better cook. I think Aaron probably is the one of them all that could make it as a cook and restaurant owner. He appears to have the passion, and I like the fact that he does not play it safe like the others do.

3 Wurstsemmel { 05.27.09 at 3:16 pm }

Josh, the seafood expert, who buys in cooked lobster. Enough said.

Aaron tries to hard so will probably undo himself.

The whole Sam and Kate things make me want to reach for the remote.