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MasterChef Australia – Supposedly An Elimination Night

Firstly a big thank you to Injera for kindly neglecting her own fabulous blog to keep my one going whilst I was away. Hopefully one day I will be able to repay the favour to her. And it is with some nervousness that I start blogging again on MasterChef Australia after all her brilliant posts on the show. Also the wordpress Gods must be in agreement  as it keeps on crashing as I try as publish this, three hours and counting.

I hope she will continue to give her opinions and observations in the comments section. Anyway here we go….

MasterChef Australia – The Contestants Have No Problems Kicking Out Each Other Why Can’t The Judges?

MasterChef Australia producers/editors need to look up the definition of suspense and memorise it. Anyone watching the end of last nights episode had a sneaky suspicion none of the contestants up for elimination were going to be sent home.

The episode started with Trevor, Sam and Tom heads on the chopping block facing the challenge of cooking Warm Sticky Date Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce with Almond Praline. They had one hour to do it before presenting their dish to the judges who would decide who they would send home.

Gary Mehigan showed early in the episode that he was going to soft cock it (metaphorically speaking) when he said “None of them should be standing here.” Well who should be? You guys put them there last night.

Also George Columbaris wins the Stating The Bleeding Obvious Award when he tells the three cooks “We need it to be delicious.”.

All three cheftestants were on a level playing field as none of them cook desserts.

Kate was like Juliette to Sam’s Romeo. Ok I am exaggerating, but there was a balcony and dialogue involved, and I am just wanting  to whip up a bit more of the Kate/Sam frenzy after we saw they share a bedroom in yesterdays episode.

She kept yelling out advice and instructions to him, which I think should not be allowed.  They should have to cook without assistance, and also it would be extremely off putting to the contestants who are are trying to avoid being eliminated.

I note Justine and Lucas decided not to point out to Trevor that he used brown sugar instead of white in his first attempt to make the praline.

Tom who is meticulous, which I presume will be his Archilles heel at some point of the competition, turned out a beautiful looking dish.

The judges tasted them all and were very impressed and said there was very little separating them. Trevor’s butterscotch sauce was even described as “liquid gold”.

Now at the beginning of the episode, host Sarah Wilson, tells us the person with the worst dish will be sent home. So what is the point of the judges talking to the contestants? I know this point has been raised before on this blog but I am so bewildered by it I just had to write it again.  My only theory is it is filler to ensure the episode goes the whole hour. Also I agree with Injera and others that it should be a blind tasting, like they do on beat the chef episodes, so the judges cannot show preferential treatment.

Anyway it was decision time. Tom and Trevor were told they were safe. Then it was time for some standard reality TV trickery with Matt Preston saying it was time for Sam to go, but not just yet. Cue much surprise and happiness from Sam.

Back at the house the contestants gather to find out who has been eliminated. This reminded me of last year’s Make Me a Supermodel. Kate says she was prepared for Sam to go. Then she has a mini meltdown when Trevor and Tom enter the room. Then relief and jumping over Sam after he reveals himself.

The best bit was the death stare Poh gave Sam. Remind me to never get on the wrong side of her. Also Chris was not happy either. His reasoning was it was unfair that you cook the three worst dishes of the challenge and you are rewarded by not being sent home. Also he points out if you are in the top three you don’t get any rewards. He must have conveniently forgetting he will be playing beat the chef tomorrow night.

I wasn’t buying his reasoning as I think he just is not a fan of Sam’s or maybe he has seen too many episodes of Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen where the winning team gets whisked away in helicopters to Napa Valley wineries for lunch.

I am not going to enter the Kate debate yet as I have not seen enough of her, but she does appear to be unpopular with her housemates, particularly the older ones. But was it necessary for her to be interviewed whilst lying in bed at the beginning of the episode? Or Sam entering the shower cubicle? Now I don’t mind a bit of gratuitious nudity but can it least be someone hot?

Now on Thursday night I am sure the knives will be out for Kate or Sam when the contestants have to vote out one of their own. I am sure they will not allow them to wiggle out of making a tough decision. I am sure as the show continues the peer eliminations will become more on personalities rather than cooking skills.


1 CG { 05.26.09 at 2:45 am }

So agree that the peanut gallery should not be able to shout out tips and comments to the cooks. Not fair and very distracting. I note that this was not allowed – or at least not done – in the first pressure test where Linda was eliminated… So sick and tired of Kate getting all the air time, her whiney voice and her juvenile antics. Hope she goes on Thursday.

2 CG { 05.26.09 at 2:47 am }

PS: If you read other blogs, you will know that the Masterchefs – Julie and Julia anyway – were sighted in Hong Kong 2-3 days ago by an Aussie who happened to be travelling to Hong Kong. Not sure what time gap is between aired episodes and actual filming – I think I read somewhere it is 6 weeks? So this would suggest that 5-6 of them went up to Hong Kong for one of the episodes. Why Hong Kong? Wonder if Poh is still in it?

3 AP { 05.26.09 at 3:46 am }

CG according to Behind Big Brother Australia Website quoting the source for the contestants seen in Hong Kong it was in fact Justine & Julie.

4 Injera { 05.26.09 at 8:11 am }

Thanks for trusting me with your blog, RR! It’s good to be back in the comments…

Ooh, AP, that means Justine might be sticking around for a while! Glad she’s finally getting some screen time.

As for last night’s “elimination”, it was wrong on so many levels. First up, it’s damn near impossible to stuff up a sticky date pudding. Therefore, unless somebody completely stuffed it up, it was going to be hard to pick a “worst”. Giving the contestants help – like, beyond letting them see the finished dish, taste the finished dish and have a goddam RECIPE for the finished dish – is ludicrous. Maybe Tom’s wouldn’t have been good enough if the judges hadn’t told him he needed more sugar and water for his praline. Maybe one of them would have messed it up if the judges hadn’t been saying “you need to have your puddings in the oven by now”. As for the peanut gallery, shut it down! Degree of difficulty for that challenge was much lower than the stuffed squid. Very annoying.

Also, when other shows do a surprise “non-elimination”, they are careful to set it up with ambiguous narration every week, i.e. Amazing Race with Phil saying “one of you may be eliminated”. I was pretty sure, given the spoilery ads for this ep and the bottom three sightings others have picked up in previews for later eps, that nobody would be going home. I paid very careful attention to what Sarah and the narrator said and it was “will be going home immediately”. I’m sure they said it even more frequently than they have in the past.

Can somebody tell me why they have a narrator AND a pointless host? Are they just keeping employment levels high? There’s nothing the narrator says that couldn’t be handled by Sarah. It’s not as though she’s doing anything else!

RR – reason we won’t see someone hot naked is because… there’s no-one hot!

5 reality raver { 05.26.09 at 12:11 pm }

CG and AP thanks for the tips about the sightings in Hong Kong. How exciting for them and should make good TV.

Injera – Totally agree with the non role given to Sarah Wilson. She needs to get her manager to watch Top Chef series 1-5 and then get her manager to negotiate a more Padma Lakshmi type role, except without the seductive eating style of Padma.

6 RetroGirl { 05.26.09 at 5:39 pm }

Kate totally annoyed me when she was yelling instructions to Sam – does he deserve to still be there if he only turned out a decent pudding due to her assistance? As I’ve said previously, I also find it weird that people yell down from the peanut gallery to help their friends – the other contestants are only a couple of metres away and would be able to hear and use the same advice.
I had to cringe when Kate jumped on Sam when he returned to the house – a totally over the top and inappropriate reaction. If I was Mrs Sam I would be getting ready to kick some sulky butt!

7 Injera { 05.26.09 at 6:17 pm }

Sulky butt! Love it.

Since pretty much everybody watching this show picked that it was going to be a non-elim, the reaction interview with Trev was particularly annoying. I’m imagining it went something like this:

Producer: We need you to talk about how you felt when they said you were staying.
Trevor: That was just an amazing feeling. I was so happy…
Producer: Oh, sorry Trev. Um, we’re going to cut this in just after they tell you the news. So let’s go again.
Trevor: I felt so happy. I really wasn’t ready to go home…
Producer: Sorry, Trev. That’s great, but, um, can you pretend that it’s right after they told you? So, say something about how you were happy but sad at the same time because Sam’s going home? And use the present tense. We’re building suspense.
Trevor: But… viewers will know that this was taped afterwards, won’t they? I’ll look like a moron.
Producer: Nah, mate, they won’t notice. They’ll be so overcome with the drama. It’s all good.

8 Milly { 05.27.09 at 11:10 pm }

Am I absolutley the only person watching this show that likes Kate?
I’m going to attend law at UWA, and on open day last year I met her, she is really a sweet girl. I think the producers are “big brother” editing and only showing clips that encourage audiences that there is tension in the house.
I’m sure all the contestants now out of the house are “besties for life”.
Does anyone else know about the supposed relationship between Kate and Josh? Perfect couple in my opinion :)

And i love your blog! I only started reading it but its very entertaining. Keep up the good work.

9 Reality Raver { 05.28.09 at 12:30 am }

Injera – You are so spot on about Trevor’s interview. I wish now I had not deleted the show so I could look at it again to compare to your comments.

Milly – I don’t dislike Kate, I think she is a bit immature and probably in a pretty full on situation (cameras, cooking under pressure, a long way from home) which she is not handling as well as some of the others.

Thanks for the compliments on the blog, but you should realise that the past 2 weeks I have not been the author of it as I was away on holidays Injera on has done the recent brilliant posts. But I do hope you continue to read it and tell your friends about it.