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Football Superstar Premiers Tonight On Fox8 at 7.30pm

Maybe Brian McFadden slagging of his former co-host of Football Superstar Amy Taylor may be a bonanza for the second series of this reality TV show. At the Astra’s apparently he implied Amy was not that bright by saying about his new c0-star Lee Furlong “At least she has a brain.” Quite surprising really considering I would not have thought Delta’s manpet would be a member of MENSA. As shown by once being married to that trainwreck Kerrie Katona who is his children’s primary caregiver.

The Fox 8 show is about finding Australia’s most talented young footballer. The winner receives a one-year scholarship with Melbourne Victory.

It would appear from the Fox 8 press release that they are going to condense or even skip the audition episodes and just go straight into the final 15. I presume this must have been where they lost a lot of viewers last year. 

Melbourne Victory FC Head Coach Ernie Merrick heads up the judging panel this year and is joined by Melbourne Victory assistant coach Aaron Healy and FOOTBALL SUPERSTAR mentor Vitale Ferrante.  

The top 15 contestants are:

New South Wales: Gilly Buckley, 20; Aaron Daly, 16; David McMurray, 19; Daniel Mitwali, 17 and Sebastian Petralito, 20.

Queensland: Jack Petrie, 20; Matthew Heath, 19; Chris Kozionas, 20.

Victoria: John Lazaridis, 20 and Steven Topalovic, 18.

Western Australia: Kynon Melling, 18 and Trent Wood, 19.

South Australia: Michael Marchi, 20 and Thomas Renzi, 19. 

Canberra: Luke Pilkington, 18 

The players are moved into a Melbourne mansion and are judged by Merrick and the panel on their on-field performance and off-field behaviour. So hopefully there will be be some off-field drama to keep the non – soccer viewers entertained. 

Each week the boys will be put through their paces as they compete in a selection of physical and mental challenges and one will be eliminated until there is a final three and then Merrick will decide who will be the winner. 

Football Superstar – Fox 8 – Wednesdays at 7.30pm.


1 bumhead;P { 05.18.10 at 5:51 pm }

starting june 3rd. so excited. cant wait better be some hotties in this one. :L 0_O

2 bumhead;P { 05.18.10 at 5:53 pm }

starting june 3rd. cant wait better be some hotties in this one. (mrgreen) :L

3 justinbieber { 06.03.10 at 7:40 pm }

its on tonight cant wait! counting minutes. :L

4 :) { 06.09.10 at 6:33 pm }

great start too season some hotties on the show this year 😛

5 justice crew. { 06.26.10 at 3:35 pm }

omg i love this show its really good. but it does some weird stuff like the art hahahaha the boys faces it was quite a good laugh. whos your favourites mines jesse m. damn, and was the other jesse and phillipe and troy.

6 I can't find Steven Topalovic { 08.02.10 at 11:17 pm }

This season was shit first of all!!
And I can’t find Steven Topalovic..
I think he deleted his facebook and I checked on twitter and he wasn’t there. And the reason why I’m trying to hunt him down is because Im in love with thus guy called Brendan lovic and he goes to my school and he knows I like him and guess what?!?!?!
He looks like Steven Topalovic… Omfg there last names are kind of the same. Any way Brendan plays soccer like Steven and his bodys like Steven and what even more weird is that both guys are croation.
And every time I look at Brendan it’s like I’m looking at Steven. I’m osessed and crazy about Steven and Brendan that I can’t stop making up songs and singing about them two guys while playing my guitar. :p
I use to me really close with Brendan in year 7 ,8 but then he moved to adelaide in year 9 and that’s the year I watched football superstar and fell even more in love with Steven each episode I watched. I loved the push up competition by the way. :) sexy M.F
anyway Brendan moved back to Sydney looking sexy as he’ll with his new god body and sexy hairdo even feature was the exact like STEVEN. Straight away I started calling Brendan my boyfriend and no one understanded why I liked Brendan so much. And when I told them about football superstar and how Brendan lovic looked like Steven Topalovic. They were like how the he’ll is that and I was like I’ll show you a picture of Steven and you all will fall head over heels in love with Brendan. Brendan was so hot everyone thought he was guy. And oh Jesus Brendan blushs so sexy. And after he plays soccer his even more hot and sexy =] anyway that’s my life story so someone please tell me where to find Steven Topalovic!!

7 I can't find Steven Topalovic { 08.02.10 at 11:31 pm }

I couldn’t edit that:) so sorry for any mistakes huh?
<3 Vanessa warda

8 WOW. { 10.08.10 at 6:27 pm }

wow i htought i was head over heels inlove with steven. shit nice life story btw, sounds exciting. hahahah check facebook again you have obviously accidently deleted him or hes deleted you cause i have him . :) good luck.

9 wowowowowow ;) { 02.13.11 at 3:06 pm }

stevens amazing, hes like the dream guy every girl wants yummmmy. :) anyway. WOW. ! good luck finding him, you probs deleted him, he will be somewhere cause me and most of my mates have him on facebook soooo! just loook harder. :) good luyckkc. nice life story by the way.