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Australian Idol – John Foreman Leaving As Well

Australian Idol is starting to look like rats abandoning a sinking ship. First host James Mathieson left, but now the news that really sents a shiver down my spine is the news uber talent musical arranger John Foreman has said he will not be doing the show this year.

In the Sunday Telegraph his biggest achievement was introducing an orchestra, something that was copied by other Idol shows in the worldwide franchise. Also he cites as a great moment Guy Sebastian’s performance of Climb Every Mountain.

He apparently told Channel Ten this week he would not being doing the show. The big question is who is going to replace him, as the music is the most important thing on the show. Yes I hear sniggers from you dear readers but it is true.

Let’s hope some interesting contestants turn up, like Australia’s version of Adam Lambert, otherwise it could be a very dull season of Idol indeed.