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Reality Tidbits – Including Elimination Interviews

Elimination Interview With Aaron from MasterChef Australia.

Here is the link to TV Week’s interview . He says the show gave him a reality check on food and life in general.

Elimination Interviews With Laura From Australia’s Next Top Model

Who Magazines interview with Laura as very interesting. You could interpret it as sour grapes. She is particularly harsh about “mentor” Johnathan Pease.

She says “I felt that he was giving us criticism that wasn’t overly constructive it was just like, yes you’re doing well, no you’re not doing well – but if you’re not doing well he wouldn’t say do this instead. Do you know what I mean?”.

I tend to agree you rarely see him give useful advice, but I thought that might be the editing.

Here is her interview with TV Week. Laura is pure interviewing gold I love this quote : “In terms of the TV side of things, filming everything four times over, it wasn’t as reality TV as I thought it would be.”

HomeMADE – Elimination  Interview with Matt

I have to confess I am yet to watch the episode as I prioritised the season finale of Gossip Girl ahead of it. And for those who want to know the Divine Chuck Bass did tell Blair he loved her. Anyway Matt in the interview with TV Week says that it appears to be the untrained designers who are left in the show.

Here is the Daily Telegraph article which confirms the show is not long in the Sunday 6.30pm timeslot.

A Blind Athlete Is The First Star Confirmed For Dancing With The Stars.

Gerard Gosen a blind athlete adventurer has been the first person confirmed to be in the new season of Dancing With the Stars. Full story here.

Kristy Hinze Misses Her Husband

Kristy who is host of Project Runway Australia tells the she is missing her new husband Jim Clark. Though he is apparently going to land in Australia today to spend some time together.


1 CG { 06.03.09 at 3:59 pm }

From Aaron’s exit interview and some other comments by persons eliminated, it seems Poh is “that” kind of girl who is friendly with all the guys but none of the girls. Interesting. And some of Aaron’s comments suggest to me that he has not changed at all and still thinks he is the “dogs bollocks” to use his phrase. I bet he doesn’t last at George’s restaurant for even a year. He is so full of himself that he thinks he should be fast-tracked as an apprentice! And his comments about the “foam food” prove he didn’t listen to the feedback and still thinks he is right about everything. Good riddens. I hope the tabloids follow-up on his progress in the coming months so we can see how he goes.

2 Injera { 06.03.09 at 10:35 pm }

Oh, Aaron! Fast-tracking your apprenticeship…

I’m beyond being articulate right now – full as a goog of moussaka from Hellenic. There were four chefs on the pass and, unless Aaron has been really fast-tracked (second week appys generally being kept away from the public) and is a lot better looking – and taller – in the flesh, he was not one of them. The moussaka took forevs to come, though, and I was wondering if it kept being sent back due to having not been tasted. When it did arrive, it was delish.

I hope he keeps us posted on his progress!

3 Reality Raver { 06.03.09 at 11:33 pm }

Injera :Disappointing he wasn’t to be seen. But as a first year apprentice he was probably washing lettuce leaves. Glad you had a nice meal.

CG: I am sure TV Week will do a where are they now story at the end of MasterChef Aust. Otherwise I will stalk them on twitter for you. And there will be a blog post soon on reality TV stars on Twitter as every day I leave it the list gets longer…
I have no more excuses I will do it over the long weekend.