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MasterChef Australia – George Calombaris Rates The Contestants

TV Week appears have devoted half its magazine to MasterChef Australia this week, which is just a sign of how popular this show is.

One article was George Caombaris rating the cheftestants, this is what he had to say:

Andre –  “I love Andre, even though I gave it to him in  the auditions about humility! This is a kid who loves Italy, and he doesn’t want to be the next cabonara chef – he wants to embrace good Italian food.”

Justine – “Justine’s a very good cook. I was being a little bit cliched at the start – without any disrespect to blondes, she comes across as not knowing much! But she knows a lot, her palate is great and I’d back her any day of the week.”

Sandra – “I don’t know what Sandra wants to do. She keeps mentioning celebrity chef stuff and I hate that word. What I want to know from the contestants is what they want to do in the future. With Sandra I don’t know.”

Geni – “Geni’s a beautiful lady. She represents the people out there who think: ‘It doesn’t matter how old youi are, it doesn’t matter  what you are and what you do, just embrace it and everything will come to fruition.’ I think she’s fantastic.”

Julia – “Julias’s brilliant. She made on of the most memorable dishes on the audition tour, which was a ricotta hotcake. She’s just got this sold understanding of cooking and flavour and she does that really well.”

Chris – “Chris is one of my favourites. If there’s anyone I’d back in terms of opening up a restaurant, it’s him. But he could do with washing his hair a little more!”

Poh – “I’ve got a soft spot for Poh; I think she’s gorgeous. She’s tyring to find her family’s roots and embrace her heritage. She’s surprised me with dishes I’ve never tasted in my life.”

Julie – ” If there’s anyone I’d put in my kitchen, it would be Julie. Her determination is second to none. She just goes out on a limb, works very hard and is a fighter. She’s really resilient.”

Tom – “Hey, who says you can’t change from law to food? Tom’s following his dream and good on him. I reckon he’s one to watch.”

Sam – “I don’t know where Sam wants to take it. Is he a one-trick pony? Yeah, a little bit. But you’re only as good as the last dish you cooked, and he seems able to get it.”

Lucas – “Lucas is a good cook. He’s someone who’s been at the top of his game as a pro golfer and started at the bottom again and he has done a great job.”

Well admitting he thinks Poh is gorgeous just about confirms George was perving on her in the croquembouche challenge.


1 Injera { 06.09.09 at 4:30 pm }

Really, George? You’ve got a soft spot for Poh? Have you considered an acting career, because you certainly haven’t let on! /sarcasm

2 reality raver { 06.09.09 at 4:38 pm }

Injera – Hilarious. She is cute but he needs to learn to be circumspect. He does confirm what I thought of Sam’s cooking.