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MasterChef Australia – Martini Madness

Are mag hags the new stars of reality TV? I saw the blonde chick from NW on Australia’s Next Top Model last night and tonight she was swilling back martinis in the uber luxe Observatory Hotel.

I did think it was mildly amusing that the MasterChef team’s fate was being left in the hands of these lushettes. After two martinis my vote could have been anyones.

Tonight’s challenge was to cater for the launch of the Martini Bar at the Observatory Hotel. Each team had to prepare 600 canapes, four different types, two hot, two cold with four hours for prep.

The captain of the red team was Justine and she picked Chris, Julie and Sam.

Instead of Justine getting to pick the other team captain this week, George announced the captain of the blue team had been a sous chef many times and it was time to see if she could step up. Unsurprisingly it was Poh. Her team was to consist of Sandra, Geni and Andre.

Chris said “It will be interesting to see if she is up to it organisationally.

Each team had to pick a covered tray of food which were to be the main ingredients of their team menu, and each of their canapes had to get approval of Chef Yomo the Executive Chef at the Hotel.

Justine’s team strategy was to keep it simple and get the approval for their dishes early. Whereas Poh’s team was to do the prep and get the approval later. Which did have an element of risk if he did not like the dish. They thought they were doing fine dining compared to Justine’s more simple fare. However everyone’s dishes looked sensational.

Poh’s team of Sandra, Andre, and Geni seemed to be awfully slow with the prep and George had to give her a few pep talks.

George also got slightly hysterical about tonight’s challenge and said it was the most important challenge “in the history of MasterChef Australia.”. That would be all of six weeks of it George. Yeah?

Without a doubt red team deserved to win, and it would have been a farce for the blue team to win.

Here’s why:

  • The blue team were not ready to send out their food at the start time of the function, I mean how long does it take to chop up a fish?;
  • Poh incorrectly counted the number of canapes she had prepared  – 9 x 8 does not amount to 93; and
  • The Red team had to wait until the blue had sent out all their savoury before their fruit tartlettes could be circulated meaning people who left early would only have voted on what they had already eaten.

The blue in their voice overs were turning on each other. Sandra said if things were not prepped on time it was Poh’s fault, Andre said Sandra was too slow, and Poh was bitching about Andre being so slow in plating up his canape. Meawhile Geni was floating under the radar as usual. 

Geni was looking pretty pissed off on the next day when they were finding out who had won. She is probably sick of being stuck on the dud team, where it all goes pear shaped through no obvious fault of her own.

The red team won 97  votes to 51. The number of votes I found surprising as there did not appear to be that many people in the room. I think doing dessert probably helped to secure their win.

At judging time Sandra got razzed for making far to much meat for the empanadas and therefore took time and cost money due to the amount she wasted.

Also Justine had to put up with fuck wittery by the judges for second week in a row (remember last week George asking her why they had only caught Leather Jackets ) when she was being scolded for using pre-baked short pastry shells. Gary Mehigan said he was not happy about it as they were in a five star hotel getting served three star food. Now where did Justine get the cases from Gary?  The pantry of the Observatory Hotel. So they would be the pastry cases the five star hotel would use anyway. Because of cutbacks these days a lot of the pastry and desserts are outsourced these days in restaurants and hotels. This has been going on for years. I presume the pastry cases would have come from a high end baker. Good on Justine for not telling Gary what a tool he was being about it.

As Andre’ griped in the end “Simple cliched food won over more sophisticated. “.

Who will go home tomorrow night? I think the blame for losing the challenge must rest on Poh’s shoulders, but I suspect she will survive the elimination vote.


1 C { 06.10.09 at 11:48 pm }

Poh will survive because George has a crush on her

2 Batterly { 06.11.09 at 12:12 am }

Sarah got a nibble, wonder who she cast/would have cast her chip for?

3 Laura { 06.11.09 at 12:48 am }

I missed it but I’ll watch it online tomorrow.
I cannot BELIEVE that George overrode Justine’s power to pick the other team captain to choose Poh. That is just blatant favouritism. I would argue that choosing the other team captain is the only benefit of winning the invention challenge (besides the cook-off) because it seems that the role of team captain itself carries a big risk of going home.
I hope Sandra leaves but I wouldn’t really mind if Poh leaves, just to upset George.

4 Reality Raver { 06.11.09 at 10:40 am }

Maybe they wanted to mix up the captain role. I wonder if this is going to happen each week where the judges will choose. They need to keep it consistent. Also they probably want everyone to have a go at captain. Has Julie or Geni had a go yet? I would like to see that.

Yes I noted Sarah was eating a tart, which means she must eat some sugar. I still think the desserts got the red a win. Very simple but girls love desserts and there were much more females there than blokes.

5 Wurstsemmel { 06.11.09 at 11:10 am }

Poh should go but I seriously doubt that will happen. Why is she still here? Of course, we all that. She’s hit the G-spot.

So, I’d love to see Sandra leave. She always looks so flipping miserable, I get depressed just looking at her. And whining? Enough already.

6 Culinary Boner { 06.11.09 at 11:24 am }

Andre should go. They had 4 friggin hours to prep and judging by what was shown last night he took the entire time to dice (incorrectly at 1st) one bloody, single ocean trout and then sprinkle some herbs and salt on it like he was performing complex microsurgery or pretending to be a Swiss watchmaker. Pathetic.

7 Anonymous { 06.11.09 at 12:44 pm }

I think you guys are too harsh on Poh. I don’t think she’s the best cook there, but I definitely she is better than, and has more potential than, Andre, Sandra, Geni, Sam, and Julie.

They all made mistakes last night, personally I think Andre and Sandra made the two biggest ones.

8 CG { 06.11.09 at 12:45 pm }

Grrrr. The favourism shown to Poh is seriously out of control. How many pep talks, George stepping in to sort out her mess, etc.?

Poh should be going. She was the team leader and blew it worst than any other team leader in previous challenges. But we all know she won’t go again thanks to George who took the time to set up Sandra as the target.

Now Sandra deserved some criticism for cooking too much beef but didn’t she just cook what was there? Was her dish delayed/as delayed going out as the ceviche or Poh’s own dish?

Sandra will go. I reckon Poh, Andre and Sandra each have one vote and ironically, despite all the favourism shown to Poh, Geni will cast the knock-out vote against her supposed friend Sandra.

Maybe Sandra should have gone earlier. But so should have Sam, Poh, Julie and Andre. I’m not defending Sandra but I am expressing my exasperation with the way Poh is being handled by the judges and by the producers.

Favourism to Poh started during the auditions. It really is getting ridiculous. What do the producers think they are achieving. Do they think people are watching because of Poh (or because of George and Gary perving on Poh)?

This is really starting to ruin the show for me.

9 Laura { 06.11.09 at 4:45 pm }

I completely agree with everything you said CG.

10 Injera { 06.11.09 at 6:29 pm }

Yep, CG, Wurstsemmel and Laura – totally agreed on the Poh factor. I have already tethered all sharp and hard objects in the vicinity of the couch in case Poh has to cast a deciding vote as captain. Captain chosen not by the winner of the previous challenge as usually happens, but by George. Grr.

Agree with Boner that Andre really seemed to screw up tonight, but he was probably overcome by the attention he’s been getting recently.

And Gary? Shut up! He already harangued Justine about the pastry cases and she explained her reasoning. Did he really need to do the same again, just in case the earlier bollocking was cut? Surely the editors could have found something new to include…

And it’s not as though the “chefs” on the show aren’t shown offering manufactured pastry and *ick!* chicken stock. Not too high’n’mighty for it when it has a sponsorship attached. Maybe Justine’s mistake was in not saying “well, Gary, we’re using pastry cases from [insert brand name here]”.

11 onadrought { 06.11.09 at 8:20 pm }

I agree with Gary about the tarts – I do not want to eat what I can make when I go out. Even though the Blue Team lacked organisation, I would have been more keen to try their food.

12 shoey { 06.11.09 at 9:01 pm }

Why is Poh still there ? She should have left after serving raw lamb o atleast gotten into the bottom 3.The favouritism towards her is off putting.So George may think she’s all that, but that bias shouldn’t keep her in the competition.Look at the tryouts she was able to go home,get ingredients & start all over again.George should be replaced or Poh removed.

13 CG { 06.11.09 at 9:39 pm }

Injera: good point about the Campbell’s stock! Too bad Justine can’t be too cheeky (Campbell’s does appear to be a major sponsor) and call out G&G on their pre-packaged stock.

Wurst: love your “G-Spot” label…too funny but sadly too true.

RR: did we determine if George is married / partnered or not? if he is not, wanna take bets on him makin’ the move on Poh after the series wraps. LOL.

14 Reality Raver { 06.12.09 at 12:41 am }

Wurstsemmel – that G-spot cracked me up.

Injera – yes weird that Gary was so obsessed the pastry cases which were so obviously came out of the Observatory Hotel pantry.

Onadrought – I think the blues team food was more complex, but maybe they got it out so late the guests were already sozzled and were not into the food. Or the fact the red team made a dessert made them more memorable.

CG: George apparently has a girlfriend called Natalie, and that is all I know. Another greek chef twittered it to me. Also I agree it does appear Poh is being favourable screen time. I don’t think she will win. Poh was the main reason the blue team was a disaster. In fact I was surprised at how badly she managed the team.

Shoey – If they remove George they will be down to one judge… LOL

15 Laura { 06.12.09 at 1:22 am }

I just watched the episode.
I really hope Sandra leaves now, she is very annoying.
I completely agree with RR re: Gary’s comment to Justine about the pre-prepared tartlet cases. I think he was just looking for something to criticise them about o make it look more even.

16 sourkraut { 06.13.09 at 2:31 pm }

CG, Injera and Shoey, I totally agree with your comments. As to the tarts for the dessert canape, so wot if they were pre manufactured. I’ll bet Gary could not put his hand on his heart and swear he has never used any pre cooked, pre made things in his cooking at his restaurant.
Also, for cying out loud, if you are going to go to the effort of smoking something please PLEASE don’t bother with beetroot (even though you cant beat a root haha). I doubt if any of the contestants will ever go home and cook that one to show off to their freinds.
PS forgot to mention I hope Julie does well and also Chris

17 sarlarty packarge { 07.06.09 at 10:05 pm }

the only reason Poh is still on the show has got to be for the rigidity she adds to garys meat section. its making me sick how badly pussy whipped that fat git is! definately ruinging the show