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MasterChef Australia – Tom’s Interview Is Pure Gold


Now the advantage of having intelligent, articulate reality TV contestants is that you get interesting and honest interviews from them. Tom’s is pure gold in TV Week.

Some of the best quotes:

On how he felt about being eliminated:

On one side, I was quite happy to be eliminated on the basis of the judges’ decision as opposed to a team elimination. But having said that, I’m disappointed that I was eliminated only because I feel that there are people still in the house that aren’t as good a cook as I am. And I think there’s a general feeling in the house that there are people there that don’t deserve to be there.

On whether he thinks there is someone  who should not be there
Somebody like Sam. I think a lot of people in the house are surprised that he’s actually come so far. He’s only got one style of cooking, which is a very sort of café, bistro style of cooking. I think he hasn’t been eliminated because when he’s given a recipe he can actually produce something good. So it’s a combination of that skill and also just luck.

On the croquembouche challenge:

And so even though I had the best custard and I had the best toffee, I was eliminated. But then Poh actually completely stuffed up her pastry and had to redo it and then at the very end ran out of time to construct the base that it had to sit on. It was a funny elimination and I don’t want to actually think that it’s because of favouritism, but there were flaws in all of our dishes. I’ve accepted it and I’ve moved on, but I’m still disappointed in terms of my elimination because, although my pastry was burnt, other people like Poh didn’t actually complete the entire dish.

On beefgate and the sushi train challenge:
I think it’s been badly edited. What had actually happened on the day was that we were told by the chef that when we went down into the actual restaurant, all of our ingredients would be down there, including the beef. Trevor was the one that was delegated to sear our beef. And he’s yelling out from the kitchen, “Where’s the beef?” I walked past a station and saw a beef which I picked up and gave to him. Off camera, I had actually said to both the red and blue teams that I’d taken the beef, so both teams knew. But it still hasn’t been resolved as to whether or not it was the blue team’s beef that I picked up. And about an hour into service, both teams ran out of food, so the restaurant supplied us with all this extra beef and fish. So even though it’s shown on television that the blue team didn’t have any beef, they did. People seem to think the blue team would have won if they had beef. But they actually did have beef and they still didn’t win!

Interesting that he confirmed things that have been discussed here on the blog for awhile….

Tom is currently doing work experience at top Brisbane restaurant E’cco.


1 CG { 06.10.09 at 12:50 pm }

Interesting. Funny he names Sam (by name) in this interview when Julie tried to protect the Kiddie Mafia. Maybe he formed the view on Sam over time as Sam’s performance flat lined. I do agree it seems the only food Sam can produce well is gastro-pub. Then Tom says he wants Justine to win. Again, makes me wonder what his relationship with Julie is really like. Or maybe they both know Julie hasn’t got what it takes to win.

2 h&b { 06.10.09 at 1:15 pm }

Love Tom, such a gentle soul.
Interesting interview – although we all know about creative editing, it’s easy to forget when you’re watching dramas unfold…

3 Wurstsemmel { 06.10.09 at 1:59 pm }

Tom should still be in Masterchef IMHO and I agree that Sam should be long gone. Good interview and just confirms that what you see is not necessarily what happened.

4 Laura { 06.10.09 at 2:40 pm }

Confirms my suspicion of Poh favouritism. Poor Tom, he should still be there.
I agree with RR’s idea that the judges should not know which contestant cooked which dish & not be present during the cooking stage. Sarah – or a cooking mentor – should be aiding them and asking them questions while they are cooking. This is the Project Runway format and I think that it would be a lot more fair to the contestants. I know that no matter what the producers would be having a hand in who goes home but I think that is preferable to George voting for Poh to stay because she is “gorgeous”. Ugh.

5 Injera { 06.10.09 at 6:51 pm }

I’m pleased Tom singled out Sam. Here I’ve been wondering why he gets so much camera/judge lovin’. Sure, he stood out by virtue of winning the first challenge and was annointed the one to beat. What was this delectable winning dish? Chicken and zucchini. Nothing spectacular. What has he done since then? He overpriced his food as captain of the losing sushi train team. But for some reason he has continued to dominate the voice-over interviews.

Emperor Sam has no clothes!

Laura – you’re right, Sarah should take a mentoring role. That would separate George and Gary from their meddling ways and at least give a veneer of impartiality to their cogitations!

6 Batterly { 06.10.09 at 7:14 pm }

Why is Sam still there? He’s in your face with that face, so it can’t be “flying under the radar” nor is it because he can cook great food. Only being able to wrap 3 rolls in that previous challenge (and not having enough time for 3 more to be fried) is laughable.

His croquembouche was pretty good from the vision as well. So for him to have gone, and without even getting any kind of peptalk from a judge swooning over him, that’s a downer.

7 Anne { 06.19.09 at 2:44 am }

I think Sam has a good personality and really lovely. He obviously is a good cook, as he is in the top 20 and has dodged many eliminations (group and 3 individuals)… I don’t think he’ll win but I think all the people still there deserves it.

As for the croquembouche, Tom’s is burnt! and is not the best custard! lol,, if you think about it, in restaurant u only look and taste the outcome and you don’t care about the things happened in the kitchen. Ans clearly Tom’s below the quality of the others.

8 Wendy Walsh { 05.03.12 at 11:51 am }

Adore Tom. When I think of him I’m reminded of the visual feast displayed on the funky sound barriers lining the M1 between the Gold Coast and Brisbane. His culinary creations were my favourite, his demeanour was charming, and his passion for food infectious. I hope Masterchef attracts more contestants with Tom’s intelligence and grace.