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MasterChef Australia – The Survivor Tactics Finally Emerge In The Game

Now every week judge Gary Mehigan tells the MasterChef Australia contestant’s on the Thursday to vote for the person on the team who was the weakest in the challenge. Hands up who thought Sandra was? I certainly didn’t.

I knew the Survivor tactics would emerge at some stage, and quite frankly I am surprised that it has taken six weeks. But I thought they would use the peer vote to get the strong contenders out. Sandra was not the weakest at the catering challenge, yes she made to much meat, but at least she had 150 empanadas, unlike Poh and Andre’.

This elimination was based on other factors. At one stage I thought possibly Sandra may have asked to leave but I don’t think because Poh said to the housemates after the elimination “You will be surprised to know she handled it really well. ” Was Sandra the household drama queen?

Geni’s excuse was weak, “I think you should be with your family”. Personally I think it is Sandra’s decision not yours.

Poh said she voted for Sandra as she helped the least with the other people’s dishes. Was she meant to help with their stuff ups? It should have definitely been Poh’s or Andre’s head on the chopping block tonight, and if I was Sandra I would be feeling slightly bitter and twisted.

What disappointed me was they showed none of the footage on who manipulated the votes for Sandra.

Also thought it was hilarious that after Andre’ had cast a vote for Sandra, he looked offended when Sandra voted for him and told him he had put them behind on their food service.

Finally Justine appears to have gotten over Lucas’s departure. She said “I am so glad we are the top seven.” Honey do the maths Julia and Lucas make it a top nine!


1 Wurstsemmel { 06.11.09 at 11:26 pm }

Well, as expected, Poh proves indestructible once again. You get a sense of relief from the household though that Sandra is gone. I feel a certain degree of rwkisc also

2 Injera { 06.11.09 at 11:33 pm }

Has any judge so strongly advocated for blaming a contestant before deliberations prior to tonight’s show? I certainly don’t remember a judge saying “If I were the chef, I’d be blaming you” to one of the people up for elimination. Sure, Andre stuffed up, but for Gary to put that target on his back like that smacked of “anything to keep Poh in” tactics. Starting to look desperate!

Not sorry to see Sandra go – and the Red team all seemed to agree that she was the weak one, based on prior performances. You’re right, Raver, not Geni’s call to decide to end her game for the sake of her family, but I guess she had to soften the blow somehow if she wants to maintain a friendship.

Hope we see Lucas doing his work exp next week…

3 Reality Raver { 06.11.09 at 11:41 pm }

Injera – Do you think Gary was saying that about Andre’ being the weakest to protect Poh? Is this lady the Mata Hari of MasterChef?

Wurstsemmel – I am not upset to see her get eliminated as I thought her time there was coming to an end. However did she deserve to go last night if voting strictly on that last challenge. No.

4 Laura { 06.12.09 at 1:29 am }

I missed it again.
I don’t like that Geni said that she voted out Sandra because she should be with her family. That is a cop-out and it is also very patronising. Like RR said, that’s Sandra’s decision.
I don’t know how Poh managed to get away with such shoddy leadership & decision-making. Surely these people have cottoned-on to the fact that they should vote out their competitors and let the weak contestants get weeded out by the judges in the invention challenges.

5 Anonymous { 06.12.09 at 1:37 am }

I read in some magazine that Sandra was having a lot of troubles with her family – her kids weren’t adjusting well to being without their mum, apparently, and it was really tearing her up inside. Maybe that’s what Geni was referring to?

I’m ok with Sandra leaving. I think Andre’s error had the biggest consequence (disrupting everything else) and was hoping he would go, but I’m good with Sandra going, too. I know she has some hatred around here, but I still think Poh deserves to be there longer than Sandra, Andre, Sam, Julie, and perhaps Geni (I don’t really know much about her, hence the perhaps).

Lovely to see Julia again, she’s my favourite.

6 CG { 06.12.09 at 3:02 am }

Grrr. During the first half of this episode they showed multiple clips of Andre bagging Poh for being a terrible leader, freaking out in the middle of the service, not being able to count, etc. Then he turns around and votes for Sandra. Clearly Poh got to him (and Geni). It would seem Poh’s argument was that Sandra didn’t help with the ceviche or Poh’s prawn/wasabi (processed “tube” wasabi I’d like to point out!!) dish and this become the (extremely weak) rationale for voting Sandra off.

And isn’t Andre a nasty, nasty creature. I’ve suspected that he has been suppressing his nastiness that was first on display during the try-outs. Did you hear what he said when Sandra cast her vote for him on the basis he only made 1/2 the amount of ceviche (a bigger crime in my mind than making too much mince) and put them behind from the start…he said: “oh,… is that right”…and as Sandra walked away he said in a very sarcastic tone “thanks”.

Watch for his nastiness to come out more in the coming weeks. And if there is a reunion show at the end (I hope so!), Andre’s candid asides where he bags everyone will come back to haunt him.

And how come there wasn’t a single comment from the judges, the customers or the team mates about Geni’s duck “cigars”? They looked ok. But she has produced some truly horrible dishes during the weeks. Can anyone remember anything she has produced that is a stand-out?

Is the show/producers/judges worried about being accused of ageism (Geni) or racism (Poh)? Or is it just blatant favouritism that is keeping people in that should have been out weeks ago: Poh and to a lesser degree Andre (who George also raved about in the recent magazine interview).

I hope Poh goes soon because I really can’t stand her cutesy-girl antics and can see right through her. At the core she is a really nasty, selfish piece of work and a manipulator.

7 Wurstsemmel { 06.12.09 at 9:02 am } sum up my feelings regarding Poh perfectly. She should have been long gone.

8 onadrought { 06.12.09 at 9:27 am }

I found Sandra really unlikeable. Glad she’s gone.

9 I like food { 06.12.09 at 11:31 am }

I’m happy Sandra is gone but to be honest I find Justine to be the more cutesy girl that you have to look out for. I thought the way she spoke to those waiters the other night in the catering challenge was downright rude and I’ll be looking for the knives to come out for her in the next few weeks. These guys cant keep up the BS nice tactics for too much longer.

10 Leon { 06.12.09 at 11:55 am }

hahahahahaha….she can now think of all the obese children all the time. Interesting to see that she wasn’t doing work experience anywhere outside of the school, maybe it was all or nothing. I got in trouble for making fun of her husband being so teary, but I really think that he’s the type that needs the woman to cook and look afer the kids, as well as iron, clean etc. as opposed to being sentimental. Maybe that’s why she’s at home?

11 Sooty { 06.12.09 at 11:59 am }

1) I’m glad to see Sandra go, what a surl-er.

2)see the tv week web page, where Sandra says:
So the night before, I said, “If we lose tomorrow, vote me out,” just to keep my integrity I suppose, and the fact that my children need me.

3) re Andre: it’s not a niceness club, it’s a competition. That could launch someone into a better career and times are tough.

4) Andre is no more critical in his comments than greasy hat Chris. I like both of their frank asides.

5)the comments here are hardly oozing sugar! or is it only a sign of poor character if they catch you saying it on camera?

6)sorry, have forgotten who said it: I get that you’re passionate about this, but I think that’s a bit much divining the ‘core’ of Poh’s character from what you see on telly. Maybe she’s driven. She should knock off the excess blusher though.

12 Reality Raver { 06.12.09 at 12:04 pm }

I like food – I agree I think things are going to become very interesting over the next few weeks, now they have realised there is nothing stopping them from voting anyone they like off as long as they have the numbers. Surprised it took them so long.

CG – I think Geni is a perfect example of floating under the radar. Hasn’t put anyone off side. Not getting in the bottom three she could make to the final, if the better cooks start putting the knife into each other.

13 I like food { 06.12.09 at 12:12 pm }

Reality Raver- You are spot on….what has taken them so long to get cracking into each other ? I think from day one we all worked out this wasnt about cooking and cooking skills…’s time to get nasty and throw the Global Knives around.

14 Reality Raver { 06.12.09 at 10:39 pm }

Sooty – I think the points you make are valid. Number five cracked me up. There personalities are only being presented in a way that the producers want them to be shown.

interesting that a number of people have hit my blog by googling poh and george calombaris. So there must be a lot of conspiracy theorists out there.

15 sourkraut { 06.13.09 at 2:05 pm }

I enjoy the show but definitely think the judges are biassed. Poh seems to be chosen one. Every time she stuffs up the judges calm her down and give her hints on how to fix things. I haven’t seen them do this for many (Any?) of the others. Anyway why would anyone want to waste beautiful prawns by putting them on slices of cucumber? Was she trying to produce some good old english cuisine? (cucumber sandwiches and other such delicacies)
Also please someone tell the judges that not everyone likes their meat a la “wipe its bum, knock off its horns, brand its hide and bung it on the plate”. Raw meat YUCK! that has been Chris’ ONLY bad dish. I hope he doesn’t pull anything like that again as I think he is BY FAR the best and deserves to win on merit.
Sorry Poh it’s time to GO. you can’t fool us any more!