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Masterchef – Masterclass, or “Gary and I’s invention test”

Well, here we are at another Masterclass, this time without Sandra and her curiously judgmental eyebrows. What do our chefs have in store for us tonight? Judging from the previews, Gary’s going to give his trusty knob a bit of a workout tonight. If I wasn’t still feeling thoroughly sated from lunch, I’d be starting to get a bit peckish at the thought of fish that’s been generously basted with butter.

As usual, Gary’s eagle eye notices that a competitor is missing. He asks what happens, and Geni does not back up Sandra’s TV Week “I asked to be voted out” claim. Instead, she says that the team’s analysis of the performance led them to conclude that Sandra was the weakest. Fat children all over the country will live productive lives with educated palates because of this!

First dish up tonight: blini with smoked beetroot and feta. George, if you pronounce it “Bellini”, people are going to expect cocktails. Poh is not confused by his pronunciation, and identifies a blini as a type of pikelet. George asks Andre to help and they mix up a yeasty batter. Remember, people, if you want to “enrichen” your batters, use egg yolks. I’m hoping that in his next YouTube interview, George tells grammar and usage pedants to get a life. For someone who over-enunciates so annoyingly, he sure knows how to kill a word.

Now, last Masterclass, an eagle-eyed viewer noted some continuity errors, which were illustrated with screen grabs. Well, tonight’s episode seems to have offered up some more continuity curiosities. While Andre was assisting George with the beetroot, we cut to Chris asking whether the vegetable could be boiled instead of roasted. Strange, then, to see Andre sitting in front of Chris while he asked the question. Later, when George asked Andre “How long has that been – about 20 minutes?” Andre’s incredulous look seemed to give the game away. I wonder how long these tapings take?

The b-lini is finished and tasted, and now – before we move to Gary’s dish – we get a glimpse of Chris and Sam at work experience at The Boatshed. This must be the shucking practice Chris referred to at the team challenge, which emboldened him to present an oyster canape at The Observatory.

Sam can’t shuck, Sam can’t fillet. Can someone remind me why he’s still there? Other than to give Joe the Cameraman uncomfortable flashbacks.

Gary asks Sam to assist with a roasted John Dory on-the-bone with baby vegies. Of course, that makes me wonder – again – why the person who’s done well during the week (the judges liked his dull-looking ocean trout dish, after all) gets the tuition in Masterclass. It’s certainly not to teach him how to fillet – Gary seems to do most of the work, allowing Sam to cut, with scissors, along a knife-marked line.

I was hoping the cameras would cut to Andre when Gary mentioned star anise – I imagined him going into some sort of seizure.

Gary’s creating a “picture on the plate”. Just as I was hoping he’d scatter the vegies on the plate like autumn leaves, he says he wants to plate to look as though the vegetables “just tumbled out”. The finished plate looks nice, but is far too artful to suggest tumbling.

Now is the time where Gary and George revisit the Pressure Test. They helpfully recap the croquembouche episode for us, mentioning all the elements the contestants had to include in their dish. Curiously, they fail to mention that not all contestants included all elements (I’m looking at you, Poh).

Of course, instead of showing the contestants how to make a croquembouche, they will make eclairs. Chris is helping and his piped out pastries look like pale turds. Once they are baked, George fills them with cream and ices them. Gary pipes the word “coffee” onto the eclairs with chocolate and, although he gives himself an “out” by saying he hasn’t done it for years, he does a damn fine job of it from the look of the finished product. I’m heading to the patisserie downstairs first thing tomorrow to satisfy the eclair craving I now have.

Home made icecream time. Gary links this to the “offsite” challenge at the Observatory. I’m guessing, therefore, that Gary is going to make his own cones, because god forbid you’d used packaged anything. Julie helps with this task. Once the icecream is done, George pipes it into cones – we don’t see him making them, though. Where did they come from? Don’t tell me they’re not home-made! To complete his verbal manglings for the evening, George tells us that the icecreams are what he would have made if he’d been asked to prepare a sweet “canopy”.

Gary reminds the contestants that they are the final seven, and exhorts them not to “fly under the radar”. George tells them that they are only as good as the last dish they cooked, and I’ll remember that next time the judges call the contestants back for arbitrary questioning before making their decision.

Next time? Matt’s back.

  • Something I’ve learned: sugar will burn egg yolks if it’s left sitting on them.
  • Something I want to know: Why do all the eggs on Masterchef have smiley faces?
  • Something I’m curious about: that somebody George’s age would say Ayers Rock.


1 Jacqui { 06.12.09 at 9:48 pm }

Totally agree! I thought they were going to show us how to make the fairy floss? Re: Ice cream: I make it at home like that- whats so masterclass about ice cream? So next year when i take in my homemade chocolate ice cream i can make it to the top ten too?

2 Reality Raver { 06.12.09 at 9:48 pm }

To think we thought the Masterclass episode was going to be boring now we have continuity issues to look out for. I thought for a sec when you were talking about belllini’s they had finally cracked open the bar! I look forward to watching the episod once I can get the remote off the other half. Unfortunately it is footy night.
Thanks for doing an excellent recap as usual.

3 abc { 06.12.09 at 9:59 pm }

About the eggs, they have smiley faces on them because their ‘Sunny Queen Farm’ eggs – an egg brand that prints faces on all their eggs.

Thanks for the recap! Must keep an eye out for these continuity issues now…

4 Injera { 06.12.09 at 10:05 pm }

Jacqui – knowing how to make the fairy floss would have been good! That stuff’s expensive… You should definitely pitch up at auditions next year with your icecream.

RR – With Lucas gone, they didn’t even seem to be offering wine this week, although by the sounds of it the contestants have been getting into it at the house. I was totally opposed to the “house” idea when this show first started; now I’m with those who say “bring on Masterchef up late”!

abc – thanks for answering the egg question. I guess having a logo printed on an egg opens up even more opportunities for product placement.

5 Reality Raver { 06.12.09 at 10:34 pm }

abc – I hope the eggs are free range.

Injera – amazing how quickly I have adjusted to MasterChef Aust as a reality TV show. I think I would be disappointed next year if they changed it to the UK version

6 Ed { 06.12.09 at 10:52 pm }

If I have one regret it’s not asking Gary about his famous knob of butter. Next time, heh, heh

7 Maz { 06.12.09 at 11:30 pm }

I bought Sunny Queen eggs for the first time the other weekend. They have the full range (heh) of eggs, so it is possible they are free range.

I am 25 and tend to call Uluru “Ayers Rock”. Shame on me.

8 CG { 06.13.09 at 2:12 am }

how come geni has never been invited up to the bench in a masterclass challenge? am i wrong?

9 onadrought { 06.13.09 at 1:00 pm }

The eggs were free range.

Re the Ayers Rock comment, which also stuck out for me. We should have learnt that George is not the most eductated or articulate of people. I did think he was referring to a drink, when he first said bellini, you’d think a chef would know it’s pronounced blini.

10 sourkraut { 06.13.09 at 2:55 pm }

hard to blame Chris for the pastries looking like dog turds in batter. They weren’t his recipes.
Also agree with Jacqui. Home made icecream. Big steaming whoopee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 Jacqui { 06.13.09 at 5:16 pm }

We will get 20 of us together to make the one tub of ice cream together, that way we are guaranteed a place in the top 20 for us all!

12 tiff { 06.13.09 at 7:39 pm }

Don’t forgot George saying “timesing” instead of multiplying and “lathered” instead of slathered. Bubbly food anyone?

13 Injera { 06.13.09 at 7:50 pm }

Ed – I hope you do get a chance to ask Gary about his knob. Especially now that the knob seems to be a character in its own right!

Max – I’m of the vintage where we actually climbed The Rock and always have to think twice when referring to it. Just thought that all the “young things” (God, I sound like my grandma) said Uluru these days…

CG – I think you might be right about Geni never having experienced the Masterclass love. Maybe George is afraid of her cougar vibe.

Sourkraut – you’re right about the turds. In fact, I think all unbaked eclairs probably resemble turds. Now, for some reason, I’m craving a corn dog.

tiff – I was going to give George a pass on “timesing” – so glad you noticed! And I’m terribly upset that “lathered” passed me by. Tahiti looks nice!

14 Laura { 06.14.09 at 8:52 pm }

TIMESING! I heard that too lol.
Masterclass is boring.
Geni irked me with her ‘Sandra was the weakest team member’ assertion. She clearly wasn’t.