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Australia’s Next Top Model – Somebody Is Not Going To The Mother Country

I thought it was ironic NIDA got involved with filming with Australia’s Next Top Model. All the actors I know complain about reality TV because stations produce it because it is cheaper than proper drama, therefore they are out of work. Will NIDA be expanding to a reality TV acting class like the New York Reality TV School.

The girls certainly need acting skills in this genre, and it would appear the lesson was part way successful due to the way they had to pretend a puppet show had surprisingly been set up in the next room and they had not heard a thing.

One of tasks for the episode was casting for a Telstra advertisment. Tahnee who appears to be peaking at the right time got the lead with Franky and Clare in the support roles. Clare however was told if she did not tone down the prissyness Cassi would take over her part. 

The only part Adele was ever going to get was if it was a zombie flick. I agree with host Sarah Murdoch she is dull.

Cassi has an attitude where she thinks that she has been on ANTM therefore a successful modelling career will just evolve. She said at the Telstra shoot “I’m really not jealous, as I know I will be able to get stuff like that when I get out.”

Also speaking of deluded, what was that hideous yellow jacket Johnathan Pease was wearing at the Ford fashion shoot? Did he really think he looked good in it? It could be the fashion crime of the year and quite possibly the decade.

The girls were going to be modelled on a style icon of a particular decade and of course pose with an iconic Ford of that era. Christ how dumb are these girls. Tahnee didn’t know who Elizabeth Taylor was. Adele didn’t know who was Greta Garbo. And Franky was a vague on what Grace Jones  did. Why don’t they get their phones out and google the names to find out a bit about them.

Cassi thought being Victoria Beckham was to be Posh, but  she didn’t realise the Posh title was ironic.

Sarah said Clare did well doing Twiggy, but Sarah thought she” did not give anything else.”. Franky got big wraps.

Cassi then had another drama about not wanting to go to London and told her boyfriend she would be happier modelling at home. She said she was going to nominate herself to go home. The girls cheered but were dubious this would occur. It would appear it was just more attention seeking behaviour.

Obviously the producers knew there was going to be drama, as for the first time they had a camera in the girls ante room at the elimination set. Adele burst into tears when Cassi came back from her solo talk with the judges where they hinted she would be staying in the competition.

I thought is was interesting that Sarah Murdoch was outvoted and Franky was eliminated and Adele got to stay. My bet is Adele out next week and Clare, Tahnee and Cassi to be final three.


1 Laura { 06.17.09 at 12:48 am }

I agree with your prediction for the final 3 RR.
I think that Cassi should have been eliminated. I just looked through the portfolios of the final 4 and hers is the weakest by far. Plus her catwalk is awful. I know that she has a lot of potential but she is not performing as well as the others.
I think Franky and Tahnee came across as very nasty this week, especially Franky – which is why I am not sad to see her go, even though she obviously did not deserve it.
Adele does not have the charisma of the other girls but you could say the same thing about Alce and she has done extremely well. Yes modelling is a lot about networking etc but if I was a designer, I would pick Adele over Cassi any day – her photos have been stunning and her catwalk is flawless. Plus her work ethic is a lot better and she has a passion for the fashion industry. Cassi is awkward, immature, aggressive, lazy, bogan & over-confident. If they are going to judge according to personality then they should be consistent – not just apply it to the people who won’t give them more ratings.
The final 3 should be Clare, Tahnee and Adele – and Clare should definitely win. She has been the strongest contestant nearly every single week.

2 Anonymous { 06.17.09 at 2:36 am }

I’m beginning to hate this show, but once it was a guilty pleasure! I won’t repeat all of the rant I did in your last recap, but I must say, the favouritism Sarah has towards some contestants, and the ridiculous criticisms she gives to the threats to other contestants (like Clare) is so boring it’s predictable. Sarah thought Clare was good as Twiggy, but didn’t bring anything else? Excuse me? Wasn’t the point to BE TWIGGY NOT ANYBODY ELSE? Guh. *headdesk* repeatedly.

Now that Franky is gone, I still maintain that next will be Adele, then they will shock-boot Clare, leaving Cassi and Tahnee for the final two. The viewers probably will not vote for Cassi, and she cannot walk if her life depends on it, so I doubt she will get enough votes from the industry voters despite her “potential”, plus certain industry people think she is not ready (like the desert photographer). And so the win will go to Sarah’s favourite all along – Tahnee.

3 Sooty { 06.17.09 at 6:59 pm }

Am not sorry Franky’s finally gone. If she’d not won that weird first and only immunity-giving challenge I believe she’d have been first out on the basis of lousy picture and inability to take direction in the swimsuit shoot; a lot of more interesting models got the boot week after week and she stayed on – just to irritate me!! So really, thank god, at last, and so on. I take ANTM very personally! And the poor wee gels are so young to be exposed to so much head-messing; I take a very personal interest in them too. Dame Helen Mirren listed US?NTM as one of her guilty pleasures, which I found validating. Maybe it’s the cinderella story to it? In which case I don’t care if Cassie wins, she’s got an Audrey Hepburn quality when she’s got it turned on, but she seems to have lost the switch…

4 Injera { 06.17.09 at 7:53 pm }

I’m still in love with Tahnee – she’s just a stunner – but was disappointed that she’d never heard of Liz Taylor. So sad. Cassi looked terrible as Vicky B, and hasn’t taken a decent photo in weeks, so I wish they’d grant her oft-stated wish to go home. There’s a certain amount of entertainment in watching Cassi, but – to continue with Sooty’s train of thought – it’s more the dire pre-Prof Higgins Audrey than, say, Roman Holiday, Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Funny Face! And there’s only so much of that I can take.

Scene of the night was Tahnee calling out “I can hear Shakespeare!” So, she doesn’t recognise Liz Taylor, but she can identify a puppet quoting the bard…

5 Anonymous { 06.17.09 at 9:39 pm }

Tahnee is a very pretty, normal Australian girl, but she’s not modelesque in the slightest. It’s like Steph H all over again.

6 KC { 06.17.09 at 11:39 pm }

I dunno why you would vote out Clare. She is by far the best model in the competition because she has unique features out of the bunch, quite beautiful and most importantly really professional. Almost all the photographers praise her on that and considering that she’s only 16 I think she is definitely the main contender.

Tahnee’s really cute and rather pretty but that’s really all she is…I would compare her to one of those pretty girls on ANTM that look good in photos but never really have a career in modelling cause she just doesn’t look like a model.

Okay Adele is boring and rather dull, but she doesn’t come across as that in her recent photos and like someone said earlier, she can walk and takes good photos.

WHY CASSI?!?!?! She’s the weakest out of the bunch. She’s not as pretty as the other three if you just look at them not modelling, her pictures look good but not always spectacular, she’s not mature enough for actual real life modelling considering she’s already wanted to quit twice and she can’t walk. SHE CANNOT WALK. Its kinda tragic seeing her walk. I don’t know what the judges see in her but I really hope she does get out next.

7 KC { 06.18.09 at 12:35 am }

Actually take back what I said about Tahnee. I think she’s a model but she’s a commercial model. Like the ones that do Ads and commercials and stuff but I don’t see her doing high-end fashion brand modelling.

8 Sooty { 06.18.09 at 11:09 am }

Tahnee can walk, and can do a beauty shot, but she hasn’t the height and even if she starved herself, she’d still not have the height.

Cassie can’t walk, you’d think she’d practice! But she has something special. She really should stop thinking about her dopey semi-ped boyfriend and focus on this opportunity. Can’t see her doing a turn-around now.

Adele can walk and made Alice Burdea look like a washed-out old hag on the Alex Perry ship runway. Fresh and expensive! Took a photo that made Sarah bow and then the next week Sarah says she doesn’t ‘get’ her. What???

But Claire can do anything they put to her, so she’ll be the next to go… Well maybe not the literal next, but god they are rotten to Claire and underrate her and overrate the chubby and the borderline, and they underrate Adele too. Maybe they think they’re job is to ignore ability and focus on potential that isn’t developing…

9 Moodel { 06.18.09 at 7:42 pm }

Clare and Adele should be in the top two, and they will be the best top 2 of ANTM history! I only have good things to say about these two!

Cassie definately has issues! The more I watch her talk, the more traits of “borderline personality disorder” I see. She really needs some help, kick her out of the show and get her some proper therpy. Her photos aren’t that great anyway.

And I just don’t get Tahnee. I guess she’s cute, but her arms look really meaty in some shots, and she looks like she has no neck from some angles. I hope they pull the tape measure out in London.

10 Reality Raver { 06.21.09 at 4:29 pm }

Sooty – “semi-ped boyfriend” has got to be quote of the week. Very funny. He is and the reason he probably proposed was because he was scared she actually is going to make it as a top model.

I think she has got something, in the Impulse ad which pops up in the Mags her picture stands out. Clare must have been sick that week as she looks like a ghost. But Cassi will not make it with her attitude. I feel sorry for her the mother is happy for her to go out with the ‘semi-ped boyfriend’ so she can abdicated responsibility and piss off to America.

It will be a Clare and Tahnee final two. Because if they put Cassi in the final two it will be an easy win for the other girl.

11 Anonymous { 06.21.09 at 6:02 pm }

“It will be a Clare and Tahnee final two. Because if they put Cassi in the final two it will be an easy win for the other girl.”

That is EXACTLY why I think they will put Cassi in the final two. First they will eliminate Adele, then Clare, then have Cassi in the final two with Tahnee, so they can have their precious “healthy” model win.

12 Sooty { 06.22.09 at 5:22 pm }

RR – I feel sorry for Cassi too, she’s so cast adrift and trying to be grown up. I was trying to pin down the quality she has that appeals to the camera and it’s her vulnerability I think. Which is infinitely sad. (Not saying she can come and stay at my house, but!) She’s like bait for sharks.

13 ??heh { 06.24.09 at 7:06 pm }

i think adele Should have won hello she was the best
and not dull she was just a quiet girl wats wrong with that??

14 Jayden { 06.24.09 at 7:48 pm }

I kind of presumed Adele would be eliminated right after last week’s episode was finished (the Franky elimination).

The commercial for the forthcoming episode in London showed Alex Perry’s disappointment in being outvoted by the other judges on who to eliminate. Of course, as you should know, Alex Perry makes no effort to hide how much he adores Adele. The commercial spoiled it for me.

Adele was my favourite to win since the first episode because of her natural high-fashion look. She may have lacked personality and variety in expression, but those are things that can be worked on. Recall that Alice Burdeu suffered from similar hardship, and her personality still seems very dull and dry.

Whatever happens, I just hope Clare doesn’t win; I can’t stand her snobbishness. But to be honest, I can’t envisage any of the final three enjoying the same success as Alice Burdeu. Not even close. Adele would have been the only one who could have done that, in my eyes.

15 Tina { 06.28.09 at 2:13 am }

To be honest, I am really tired of people labelling Clare as a snob. Especially people who chose to see the flaws in the edits of the other girls – Clare comes from a working class family, and as for being a “private school priss”, she is on a full scholarship to her school and applies the same work ethic to school as she does to modelling and, I daresay, all her other endeavours. Read a couple of interviews with her and I think you’ll notice that she is a gracious and thankful person, and lay off the inflammatory remarks.

16 Brinny { 08.27.09 at 2:48 pm }

To be honest,

Tahnee deserved to win more than any of them girls.
She had the right look, sure she wasnt a size fricken zero, but she was close enough.

Cassi, was immature, selfish, took great photos, but the judges and even half the audience knew she wasnt ready for a big step in the modeling industry, havent you heard? she was offered a contract and turned it down for her boyfriend.

Adele, she was great, wasnt a ‘one look wonder’ to me, but she didnt possess the strong forward personality most models need to be able to interest clients to be hired.
Especially in top model, where you need to be very confident.

Clare, dont get me started,
sure you can see she is very respectful and gracious,
but you also see ‘kiss-ass’ and fake.
Great model, but not one of her pictures had the ‘realness’
the other girls possess in theirs.