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Masterchef – Poh and Chris take it outside

News Limited continues to fly the flag for the Masterchef contestants, with reports on Poh “clarifying” her ambitions and Chris responding to the sabotage allegations.

Adelaide Now heads its article I don’t want to be a cook: Poh.  This, like the Hong Kong reveal, is probably a surprise to nobody.  She acknowledges that the kitchen is not for her, but believes she’ll cut it as a recipe writer.

“I think recipe writing might be my thing. The process is a bit like doing a painting. I have an idea and go, ‘hey, how can I get these two crazy ingredients to work together?’.

Given that her most spectacular failures were her “inventions”, I think she might still be searching for a grasp on reality.  I hope the quiet contemplation of writing provides her with this.

Back in the house, Chris has obviously been alerted to the departing comments of Geni and Poh, but in an example of truly poor journalism very few of his actual comments are reported.  In the story MasterChef Australia’s Chris Badenoch hits back at Poh Ling Yeow, Colin Vickery writes

Melbourne’s Badenoch has slammed Papacostas, 54, for claiming last week that she never stood a chance of taking out the competition because she was too old.

This sounds like a good introduction, to be followed up with elaborative quotes.  Sorry to disappoint, but we get no further insight into how Chris “slammed” Geni, apart from a rather general “Get over it”, which Vickery uses as Chris’ advice to both Poh and Geni.

On the sabotage accusation, Chris’ response is more direct:

“That’s complete bull—-. That’s just sour grapes”

The headline’s promise of a true smackdown is never met, though, as his final comments about the competition, and Poh, reflect what we saw of him in Thursday’s episode – that is, he thought Poh was a strong contender respected her skills.  Good on you, Chris!


1 sourkraut { 06.21.09 at 2:50 pm }

wot do you really expect from news limited???????? Their credibility is less than pathetic, anything to wring a buck out of the system!
As others have said earlier, instead of this being a show for finding the best amateur chef/cook/glop cobbler in oz it has now sadly turned into Survivor Kitchen meets the Grate Race. Cant wait to see the advertised episode where the contestants have to find their own way to the Honkers markets, change money and buy ingredients (will that include bait?). Gunna be interesting when someone loses their travellers cheques. Reminds me of an ad they used to play about 20 years ago which went something like……….Misenowa Misenowa mr wong mr wong lost all ma travellers cheques ….OOHH that too bad guess youll just have to wash dishes.
PS anyone out there no what misenowa means in English I’d be v grateful to find out as none of my Chinese friends have been able to tell me (maybe POH knows, oh b..ger I woznt gunna mention that word again) and it has puzzled my tiny little mind to distraction

2 Injera { 06.21.09 at 6:13 pm }

sourkraut, I always heard that line as “Buy some duck, buy some duck!”, which must be a mondegreen. That ad always gave me the shits – “We have an office right here in Hong Kong!” always seemed to be a particularly unimpressive claim. Well, I’d bloody hope so! Now, if it had been Ulaan Baatar…

Back to journalistic ethics – I don’t hold News Ltd to a particularly high standard, or any standard at all to be honest, but this did seem lazier than usual, as though the mail-boy couldn’t even be arsed rearranging the hastily-prepared media release.