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MasterChef Australia – Flapping Fish and Delightful Delicacies

Finally some action from Hong Kong with the MasterChef contestant’s having to wrestle a fish to kill it. Julie had particular trouble. “It’s in a tub this big, I should be able to catch it,” she said. After having a bit of a sniffle she finally found her inner Grizzly Adams and butchered it.

George Calombaris was effusive in his praise “You should be proud of yourself”. She at this point was probably also anxious that a PETA protest was going to turn up on set and she would have to contend with nude people running around calling her a killer. George and Gary would love the distraction of a few naked women running around, but alas they had to satisfy themselves with Justine’s breast, which they perved on as they asked her how she was going in the challenge.

Tonight the five contestants were split up into two challenges, Andre, Julie and Justine were on the Rainbow fish challenge, and Chris and Sam were sent to the Langham Hotel to make high tea.

The twist which was not a surprise was Julia and Lucas were back. The producers had obviously thought it would be totally unfair if they missed the overseas trip, therefore they were back in the show for one episode only.

Julia was up against Sam and Chris. They had to make Key Lime Meringue Pie, Lavender Creme Brulee, and Raspberry and Chocolate Mille Feille. The prize for Sam and Chris if they won would be to be in beat the chef challenge, and for Julia just the satisfaction that winning against Pete Evans was no fluke.

Julia did show she was at a disadvantage of being ‘taken out’ of the competition so early, when she was in tears because she was not used to the pressure of the time restraint, this will go against her in the final week.

Matt Preston who lasciviously licked his fingers was judge with show host Sarah Wilson. For a moment I thought Sam was starting to peak at the right time of the competition, but was pipped at the post byJulia.

Lucas who was out wrestling fishes and not the guest chinese chef Jackie Chan, was not able to stop Julie from beating him. Which was just as well, because if Lucas had won there would have been no episode tomorrow night as there would have been no one to beat the chef or as it appears to be the chef’s favourite pupil.

Again I thought Lucas and Julia were given shrift they were barely able to down a glass of champagne before they were hustled out of the hotel room. Hopefully after the huggy farewell shots were taken they were allowed back in to socialise. And yes I had noticed Justine had perched herself beside Lucas who was looking like he had put on weight.


1 Injera { 06.22.09 at 11:11 pm }

Oh, laughed at the Grizzly Adams ref – although I’ll be singing myself to sleep with the theme song – and the Jackie Chan wrestle!

I thought it sucked to be Chris and Sam tonight – going all the way to Honkers to make western sweets. Not even true British colonial style “high tea” – no scones, ribbon sandwiches, sponge cakes. No – American Key Lime pie. Ridiculous.

So, for those people who noted that Julie was not in a group photo of the chefs in Hong Kong, perhaps she beats Donovan’s “student”. Why is she up against a student?

The Langham Place is NOT one of the world’s best hotels. Whenever a Channel Nine commentator came over all hyperbolic about Steve Waugh, my father’s favourite retort was “He’s not even the best batsman in his family!”. Well, Langham Place is not even the best Langham in Hong Kong. Stop trying to make “best” happen, Ten! We’ve all cottoned on to the sponsorship thing, you know…

Gary still had long sleeves, even though Chris mentioned the heat and the cooks got visibly sunburnt. Somebody, please spill on Gary’s tatts. I’m hoping he’s got a really elaborate design with the name of his “true love”, who just happens to be someone other than his current love. Ah, scandal, I wish there was more of it.

2 sourkraut { 06.22.09 at 11:46 pm }

George I’m not going to warn you again………..stop Blathering… a junque…………..chop chop (suey suey?)………r u pumped? etc etc……… and George for crap sake get your fish recognition right……they were not snapper in the pond, looked more like Charlie Karp or some form of cod.
Well its time for high tea and guess what?…….cue to the next AD and who should be there HIGH in a chopper but Mr T (WOW WOW WOW)
Pastries looked nice b4 intrepid contestants started. I’ll have the chocolate thingy thanks. Funny how Julia could not manage the chocolate, wonder how much help she got from MR Man (was that a joke?) the second time round? to be fair how much help did each of them get? CURSE the editors!!!
Julie pour the B…dy water out of the bucket, then grab the fish. I felt sorry for her having to kill it but I guess that’s showbiz, and Lucas, cleaning and scaling a fish is really not that bad!!
More jacky Chan jokes……..I was waiting for him to say chop chop (karate like)
Obviously in Honkers they don’t mind pre packed ingredients as I didn’t see anyone making syrup out of limes. it just sorta materialised outta the fridge.
Oh by the way in case you forgot, (dumb arsed audience such as I )”don’t forget you have to beat Lucas” GUESS who?
Oh yes and according to Sam, Sarah’s a classy lass, reminds me of my cultured youthful days on the prowl about a hundred years ago when I used the line “you’re a classy lil tomater aintcha”, (funny it never worked) anyhoo Sarah snuck Sam a quick smile and Sam snuck Sarah a quick perve and………….. and Sam’s long suffering Wife snuck a quick high velocity industrial strength brick at the tv………OMG i forgot this is a family show, nuff said
Sarah showed her class by saying in her best mangled Orstrayan ” I’m gonna give it a good crack” didn’t know humpty dumpty was there.
Gary.your turn with the blow torch to the tummy……waddyamean”The presentation was on the nose”? my poor old tv doesnt have smellevision so I’m misssing out
Finally WELL DONE Julie hope you beat the uberchef tomorrow, but I’m waiting for Chen Kenichi to turn up, then we’ll see some invention.
Sorry Julia I didn’t see the early episodes so i knew nothing about you, but you came over as a bit arrogant tonite, it’s best to stay humble in the long run
G’night all

3 sourkraut { 06.22.09 at 11:49 pm }

Your dad’s right. Steve waugh wasn’t the best bat in the family

4 Kyvyny { 06.23.09 at 12:04 am }

Justine did show off the tanning the worse/best of the lot. Wonder if Lucas was given any sunscreen for that beet red face of his by challenge’s end.

As you’ve noted, shooting straight to the finals does take them out of the loop in terms of the pressure and cameras. Julia breaking it and feeling out of depth with the stress levels taking her down a platter.

Julie really did well coming back from cracking the spine of that fish. Tough cookie she is.

And Sarah gets to taste and review again? Keep it up, it’s good to watch as that’s some hard act to play against when Matt’s sampling the sugar off his fingertips.

5 Ange { 06.23.09 at 7:03 pm }

I took notes on Sarah last night – she actually irritates me THAT much.

I was playing the “drink every time Sarah mangles a word” game so I didn’t get very far, hic 😉

My notes say:
“openin’ your eyes”
“goin’ forward”
“Thanks Julia for joinin’ us today”
That made three glasses of plonk so I stopped taking notes after that, I forgot how to 😉

6 sourkraut { 06.23.09 at 11:14 pm }

If Julia felt so out of her depth with the stress levels she is either a terriffic actor or a monumentally good recoverer or she got just a teeny weeny bit of help (of camera ) by Mr Man ( the chef guy).
As you have probably noticed i am not a cynic so the answer must be option 2

7 Anonymous { 06.24.09 at 6:12 am }

I think you guys are blowing Julia’s tears out of proportion. They were not like Poh tears or Julie’s nervous breakdowns. Julia was a little bit stressed, had a tiny cry for 10 seconds to get it out of her system, immediately went back to work with a level head for the rest of the episode and kicked butt. I’m sure she didn’t have help, she’s one of the best cooks there and has always been strong with attention to detail.