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Australia’s Next Top Model – Exit Interviews


Adele Antm

Apologies for NOT blogging on Australia’s Next Top Model episode this week, but I just could not get excited about it. Does it matter that Cassi won’t win? No as she will be picked up by a modelling agency. I just hope she does not stuff it up for herself.  Or will she wake up one day aged 22 with two kids hanging off her thinking why did I squander that amazing opportunity. I wonder if the fiancee will tag along for the ride. Why her mother thinks she is mature enough to be engaged just amazes me.

I am loving Tahnee she has a great personality, whereas Clare seems very nice, but just so aware the camera is on her all the time.

Any here is an interview from Who Mag with Adele. She confirms that she thinks Clare will win.

Here is Adele’s interview with TV Week

Also here are last week’s exit interviews with Franky Who Mag

And Franky’s interview with TV Week where she confirms Johnathan Pease just says mean things about the girls for the cameras.

I wish they would get a photo shoot director who actually gives some constructive advice like Jay Manuell does in the American series.


1 Sooty { 06.27.09 at 11:56 am }

RR – I agree. All Pease does is poke holes in their confidence and jeer (and leer) at them. They also need Miss J every single day to sort out their walks!

2 alison mason { 07.01.09 at 5:23 pm }

Ditching Clare was really the point at which ANTM jumped the shark – revealing itself to be a predictable, pathetic reality show with nothing really to do with the modelling scene. I can’t see that Priscilla will be very pleased with having to pick from Tahnee and Cassi, considering she was behind choosing Alice Burdeu who is a similar style of model to Clare. Cassi goes against everything the judges say they want in a model – good walk, she walks like a crack whore; professionalism, she has the mental age and attitude of an 8-year-old; good teeth, she has atrocious teeth; good legs, hers are like spindly spider’s legs set apart half a metre at the thighs; and a nice personality, she is a lying juvenile who smokes and has a bad diet.